CenturyLinkVoice: Find The Right Security-Productivity Balance With Business-Class File Sharing

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You'd think something so basic to business operations would be easy. Yet employees have struggled on how to do this efficiently for decades. We should be grateful that we're past the age of "sneaker net" – when you walked a disk over to a colleague's desk – but emailing Word and Excel files back and forth isn't much better. You forget who has what file. You lose control of changes.

Alleged founder of world's most popular illegal file-sharing site arrested

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The alleged founder of one of the world's most notorious illegal file-sharing sites was arrested in Poland on Wednesday, the Justice Department said. Thirty-year-old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin faces conspiracy, copyright infringement and money laundering charges in the United States, where authorities have accused him of operating KickassTorrents. "Vaulin is charged with running today's most visited illegal file-sharing website, responsible for unlawfully distributing well over 1 billion of copyrighted materials," Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell said in a news release. KickassTorrents, or KAT, does not host pirated movies and music. Instead, it serves as a hub to spread links to files that help users download the material using a peer-to-peer file-sharing method known as BitTorrent -- much like the better-known site the Pirate Bay.

ExtraTorrent file-sharing site closes down permanently

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Pirate Bay's biggest competitor ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently as part of the crackdown on illegal content sharing. The popular file-sharing site's closure was announced in a homepage message saying'Extra Torrent has shut down permanently'. ExtraTorrent is one of several torrent sites that have been forced to close recently and authorities might soon be heading for the biggest of them all, The Pirate Bay, which host millions of links to files for download. ExtraTorrent is a website that hosts millions of links to files that are free to download. Some of these files are legal but others are illegal copies of TV shows, films, music albums, computer programmes such as Photoshop, and more.

Data#3 gets AU$600k to replace Govdex file-sharing service


Australian-listed business technology solutions firm Data#3 has secured a contract from the Department of Finance to create and manage a cloud-based file-sharing and "community collaboration" solution, replacing the existing Govdex platform.

US charges alleged owner of international file-sharing site

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U.S. prosecutors say the owner of one of the world's largest file-sharing sites, Kickass Torrents, has been charged with illegally distributing millions of copies of movies, music, video games and TV shows.