Google Assistant For iOS, iPhone Revealed At Google I/O 2017

International Business Times

Google will bring Assistant to iOS devices. Previously, the program was only available on Google's Home assistant and Android. The program will bring the same home assistant functionality to iPhones and other iOS devices, allowing users to ask questions and get information automatically. Users will also be able to type directions and questions directly into Assistant in situations where they don't want to directly talk into the phone. However, the app is expected to come with some basic limitations on iOS, since Apple notably has its own Assistant competitor in Siri.

Smart parking assistant trialled by Mercedes and Bosch


A community-based smart parking assistant to make finding a space for your car a breeze is currently being trialled by Bosch and Mercedes in Stuttgart. The concept was revealed at CES 2017 and more pilot projects are planned later this year across the US working with other manufacturers as Bosch looks to ease the burden of parking. On average it takes drivers 30 minutes and three miles to find an empty parking space in a city and the new system looks to slash that by using ultrasound sensors on vehicles to detect available spots and measure the size of the space between parked cars. The data gathered is then transmitted onto a digital street map with Bosch's algorithms analysing the data to produce a real-time parking map for cars in the vicinity. Drivers can then use this to navigate to an available bay.

Airbus Sends First "Flying Brain" AI Assistant Into Space


Aeronautics company Airbus has successfully launched an AI assistant called CIMON into space. The artificial intelligence system is the first to arrive on the International Space Station (ISS) and is powered by IBM's Watson supercomputer and overseen by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in cooperation with Airbus. CIMON stands for "Crew Interactive Mobile CompanioN" and is a mobile and autonomous system designed to help astronauts with everyday tasks on the ISS, while also providing companionship. CIMON was created using 3D printing and made of plastic and metal. "We are the first company in Europe to carry a free flyer, a kind of flying brain, to the ISS and to develop artificial intelligence for the crew on board the space station," said Manfred Jaumann of Airbus.

A robotic virtual assistant is heading to the ISS


In recent years many of us have begun to relying on Alexa, Siri, and other virtual assistants to play our music, set our alarms, and schedule our appointments. Now, the Airbus company is designing a similar mission assistant to help astronauts complete everyday tasks on the International Space Station.

Meet Cimon, the New Virtual Assistant set to Help Aboard the ISS - Asgardia Space News


The rise of technology has given way to reliance on virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, for tasks like playing music, setting alarm clocks, and scheduling appointments. Currently, the Airbus company is engineering a similar mission assistant to help astronauts finish everyday tasks on the International Space Station.