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Sengled Element Color Plus Kit review: These ZigBee smart bulbs don't raise the bar, but they're perfectly acceptable


Sengled is probably best known for its ingenious Bluetooth light bulbs that integrate a wireless speaker into one housing, but now it's moving into the broader commodity smart light bulb space with the Sengled Element line. There are four models in the Element line: two non-tunable white, one tunable white, and one featuring tunable full color. We received the lattermost, the Element Color Plus, for review. The Element bulbs use ZigBee technology, which means you'll need a hub to control them via your smartphone. Sengled supplies its own hub as part of the Element Color Plus Kit, which costs $80 and includes two of the color bulbs.

Philips SceneSwitch review: It's not a smart bulb, but it is clever


You can't program Philips latest LED light bulb, but you can easily change the color it produces--and you won't even need to whip out your smartphone. The SceneSwitch is a 60-watt-equivalent, white-only LED bulb that's capable of producing three color temperatures at the flip of a switch: Turn the bulb on and you get 800 lumens of moderately soft 2700K light. Turn it off, then on again, and the bulb delivers 800 lumens but at a quite cold 5000K color temperature. The SceneSwitch doesn't work with a smartphone app, but as anyone who's spent a long time fiddling with smart lighting knows, sometimes these apps are overkill. Once in a while you just want to flip a switch and have the lights come on.

Smartphone camera showdown: Google Pixel vs. LG G6


Last year, we named the Google Pixel the king of all smartphone cameras, besting the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG V20, and iPhone 7. This year it has to defend its top spot against a whole slew of new phones, the first of which is the LG G6. Let's put these cameras head to head! First, let's go over specs. The Google Pixel sports a 12.3-megapixel sensor, an f/2.0 lens, and some serious image-processing muscle.

LIFX Mini smart bulb series review: Not quite as bright, but smaller and cheaper than the LIFX A19


At some point, LIFX surely heard the complaints one too many times: Your bulbs are great, but they're too big, too heavy, and--well--they just look weird. Clearly bowing to consumer sentiment, LIFX has introduced a second series: LIFX Mini. As the name implies, these three bulbs are indeed a bit smaller and easier to fit into most fixtures. One of them takes home TechHive's Editors' Choice award. Ejecting the cylindrical design of its earlier smart bulbs, which remain on the market, the bulbs in the Mini line look a bit more traditional.

Here's the best way to test paint color to see if it works in a room

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Whether you've just moved into a new home, or the seasons have changed, or your in-laws are coming for a visit, someday, you'll want to change the color of your walls. Don't hesitate--paint is one of the least expensive ways to make big changes in your living space. Even in an empty house, you shouldn't choose a color without trying it out. You need to test to make sure a color you like complements the existing elements in a home, as well as your furniture, and the rest of your decor. The light in a room can affect the way color looks, too.