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Master Git and GitHub with this $25 e-learning bundle


Git and Github represent two of the most useful tools available to programmers: one for documenting and saving your work and the other for getting feedback, learning from peers and marketing yourself. If you're studying to become a coder, The Complete Git & GitHub for Beginners Bootcamp Bundle -- on sale now for $25 -- will teach you the ins and outs of these essential tools. Students will learn the daily workflow that developers use and how to create and use a remote repository on GitHub. After completing this course, you will know how to stage, commit and push files to GitHub, another essential skill that companies will expect you to know but may not teach because it is accepted as common knowledge. Git Essentials is taught by Kalob Taulien, a professional web developer who has been developing websites for 22 years.

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The most satisfying things you can learn are topics and skills you have a genuine interest in. If you want to learn something about cyber security, art, programming, and so much more, then we have some great bundles for you. Take a look at these 20 great eLearning bundles! For Cyber Monday, all of them are 70% off with coupon code CMSAVE70! Excel is one of the most useful tools at your fingertips, and it's seldom used to its full potential.

Learn how to code in 2021 with training on the 12 most popular programming languages


The more dependent we become on apps, the more demand there'll be for skilled programmers. It just so happens that learning how to code is easier than ever in 2021. In fact, we've rounded up 12 amazing deals on courses and training programs that will teach you the skills you need to start creating your own software, and they're on sale for a limited time! Go, or GoLang, is Google's open-source programming language that's designed to simplify many programming tasks. This course is perfect for beginners, as Go is one of the fastest-growing languages in the industry thanks to its ease of use and familiar syntax.

Train yourself in project management for less than $60


The following content is brought to you by ZDNet partners. If you buy a product featured here, we may earn an affiliate commission or other compensation. Programmers and designers together can create compelling projects, but project management makes it all come together. As you might imagine, project managers are in high demand, but it takes more than good leadership instincts and other soft skills to be a successful one. In today's world, project management is a science, and you can learn all about it for less than $60 in the 2022 Premium Project Management Super Prep Bundle.

Start your cloud career with 47 DevOps courses for $60


The following content is brought to you by ZDNet partners. If you buy a product featured here, we may earn an affiliate commission or other compensation. The future of work is in the cloud. That's not just true if you work among the server stacks in highly technical fields. Social media giants, video game developers and brick and mortar businesses alike all rely on cloud computing in different ways.