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Sony Unleashes New Aibo Robot Dog

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Eighteen years after unveiling its original Aibo robot dog, and 11 years after putting it down, Sony has revived the product using advanced mechatronics and AI to create a cuter, smarter, and more lifelike version. The new "entertainment robot" goes by the same name as its predecessor, aibo, but its name is written in lower case. The robot itself is crammed with ultracompact 1- and 2-axis actuators specially designed by Sony. These actuators enable aibo's body to move along a total of 22 axes. This makes for smoother, more natural movements--such as ear and tail wagging, as well as mouth, paw, and body motions--compared to the original Aibo.

Robot Sci-Fi Short "PROTO" Provides Glimpse Of Our Near Future


It is a story worth watching and enjoying on its own. It just so happens that the entertainment is thought provoking and deals with robots and artificial intelligence, two great standbys of science fiction, and two key topics of

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The story of androids on the silver screen cannot pass without mention of three contemporary classics: The replicants rebelling against their pre-programmed demise in Blade Runner (1982); Arnold Schwarzenegger's gun-toting turn as 2029-vintage cyborg in The Terminator (1984); and Peter Weller as officer Alex J Murphy's alter ego in the dystopic Detroit of RoboCop (1987).

Introducing the first affordable home robot for "entertainment and companionship"


I've been away from school for a couple of decades or so. I went to college in the '70s, dropped out, and eventually finished in the '90s. I leaned toward the theatrical, philosophical, sociological, communicable disciplines and ignorantly ignored the burgeoning planned obsolescence of male and female, which would eventually be rebranded as Human 2.0 where flesh melds with metal and chip and transhumans will live as gods forever. Teaching children to bow down to their beast phone is a done deal. So let's invite that beast spirit to be your new best friend and control all of your appliances!

'Mr. Robot,' 'Suicide Squad' debut in VR form at Comic-Con

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In this image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment, cast members, clockwise from left, Margot Robbie, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Joel Kinnaman, Will Smith, Jai Courtney and Karen Fukuhara appear in the film, "Suicide Squad." This week's Comic-Con is expected to draw more than 160,000 fans for high-energy sessions featuring casts and crews from such films and TV shows as "Game of Thrones," "Star Trek," "Suicide Squad," "South Park," "Teen Wolf," "Aliens" and "The Walking Dead."(Clay