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How we built a machine learning and data science community at Microsoft


In 2012, few people at Microsoft outside of research were working on or talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence, and "data scientist" was not an official job title. Fast-forward eight years, and we have hundreds of data scientists and thousands of engineers building ML and AI into products and services. To help support these employees, we have a thriving 7,000-person internal machine learning community where our employees learn, share, and connect with one another. Here's how we got there. Some might approach the notion of community as a platform or a piece of technology.

Community colleges focus on retraining workers displaced by artificial intelligence


As artificial intelligence continues to fill factory positions typically held by high school graduates, some community colleges are innovating to meet the new need for worker "retraining" programs.

NASSCOM Community The Official Community of Indian IT Industry


We are already well in for the year 2019. For a lot of enterprises, their digital agenda is taking shape in forms of annual plans and business revi....

Why Governments Won't Let Go Of Secret Software Bugs

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

There's no reason to think that intelligence groups will stop seeking out and using undisclosed vulnerabilities and exploits, but WannaCry may serve as a more effective wakeup call for the intelligence community than past incidents simply because of its scale and impact on vital services likes hospitals. "Whether it results in changing anything on the inside, we the public don't really have any way of knowing. There are mechanisms like congressional oversight and reporting, but it's all discretionary," EFF's Crocker says. "So I hope that's an actionable thing that comes out of this -- it does seem like everyone agrees that transparency and reporting and oversight and auditing of this area of the intelligence community is very much needed."