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SprayPrinter develops graffiti robot to scale buildings

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A new robot will enable street artists to create murals in places that were previously impossible or too expensive to reach. Estonia-based company SprayPrinter has developed a prototype for a robot that can scale buildings and towers to create a street art painting of whatever image it's programmed to. In its first full-scale demonstration, it created a giant, five-color mural of a woman on a chimney with just one pass by switching colors as it sprayed. SprayPrinter has developed a prototype for a robot that can scale buildings to create street art. 'The Chimney hack was very different from what we have done so far,' Mihkel Joala, inventor of the original SprayPrinter, said.

Sony's Xperia XZ has a laser camera and 'smart' battery that will last TWICE as long

Daily Mail - Science & tech

In February this year, Sony announced the launch of a new line of smartphones, called the X Series. The latest models to be added are the flagship Xperia XZ, and premium X Compact. These are said to offer a more intelligent, personalised experience, with a range of new features, including a smart battery and new laser camera technology. The Xperia XZ (left) and Xperia X Compact (right) are Sony's latest phones. The X Compact features a 4.6-inch 720p display, 32GB of storage and a 5MP camera.

Tesla releases auto wiper update trained by new deep neural net - Electrek


Tesla has released a new software update with major improvements to its automatic wiper trained with a new deep neural net previously referred to as "Deep Rain." Like most premium vehicles today, Tesla has an automatic wiper system that automatically matches the speed of the wipers to the intensity of the rain or snow. Instead, the automaker is using its Autopilot cameras to feed its computer vision neural net to determine the speed for the wipers. It has been deployed in Tesla vehicles since last year, but some owners have been complaining that it is not as accurate as other systems using rain sensors. Lately, CEO Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla releasing a new "Deep Rain" neural net to improve the automatic wipers.

Scaled Robotics keeps an autonomous eye on busy construction sites – TechCrunch


Buildings under construction are a maze of half-completed structures, gantries, stacked materials, and busy workers -- tracking what's going on can be a nightmare. Scaled Robotics has designed a robot that can navigate this chaos and produce 3D progress maps in minutes, precise enough to detect that a beam is just a centimeter or two off. Bottlenecks in construction aren't limited to manpower and materials. Understanding exactly what's been done and what needs doing is a critical part of completing a project in good time, but it's the kind of painstaking work that requires special training and equipment. Or, as Scaled Robotics showed today at TC Disrupt Berlin 2019, specially trained equipment.

World's fastest camera can capture 70 trillion frames per second

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Scientists say they've developed a camera that can record 70 trillion frames per second and could be used to capture nuclear fusion, radioactive molecule decay or astronomical events that are light-years away. The'compressed ultrafast spectral photography' (CUSP) device, which emits extremely short laser pulses, can capture waves of light in motion, or the fluorescent delay of molecules. A frame rate this high could also capture events that happen too fast for traditional film speeds, such as shock waves and the transport of photons – the basic unit of light – through different substances. CUSP can take 70 trillion frames in the time it takes a person to blink, smashing the research team's own previous record of 10 trillion a second. The new record-breaking device could open up research in fundamental physics, next-generation semiconductors and the life sciences.