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Tesla Autopilot detects speed limits and green lights

BBC News - Technology

In July 2019, Tesla's website advertised "full potential for autonomous driving" including automatic driving on motorways - although it has always maintained that its Autopilot is not designed to be a substitute for a human driver.

California law lets speeding drivers set speed limits. That's insane

Los Angeles Times

Crossing that street on foot at least three times a week, I see students texting, on skateboards and engaging in other distractions; they assume they cannot be hit by speeding cars. Yes, they should be more careful, but remember: Young adult and adolescent brains are not fully developed. Also, in addition to CSUN, there are two high schools on Zelzah.

Latest: Train Traveling Near Speed Limit at Time of Crash

U.S. News

The data indicated that the train was traveling about 61 mph when the throttle transitioned from full throttle to idle,

Only lower speed limits will solve traffic problems Letters

The Guardian

Lower, properly enforced speed limits are the key to tackling all the costs and nuisances of traffic (Letters, 25 March). A report from the Policy Studies Institute in 1996 concluded that speed limits on main roads should be reduced, with the speed limit on motorways certainly no higher than 60mph. The immediate consequence of strict enforcement of lower limits would be reductions in road crashes and casualties, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and noise. Traffic levels would be reduced by checking and then reversing the tendency for car journeys and lorry hauls to increase in length. The default speed limit in towns should be 20mph.

Seasonal Speed Limits in Effect in Some Parts of Outer Banks

U.S. News

The speed limits in areas through Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo and Frisco on Hatteras Island, along with Duck and Corolla, are now 35 mph instead of 45 mph. The lower limit is imposed because of more vehicle traffic and more pedestrians during the summer months.