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Sign in to report inappropriate content. The Magic of AI for Businesses Omni Business Solutions Does the idea of AI make you sleepy? And does the idea of A.I taking your job makes you scream? Don't be sad OBS is an easy way to learn about A.I You can produce quality results 10x faster So fast it's like magic and people won't believe you made them yourself! Get started with A.I, today.

Man of My Dreams


Q. Ex-co-workers blew me off: A couple of years ago, I worked at a very small office with a handful of other women I considered peers and friendly acquaintances. I considered the business owner an actual friend. The business shut down in 2014, everyone found new jobs, and life went on. I didn't expect we'd keep in close contact, as our schedules varied greatly, though I did meet with the former owner for lunch a few times. My current company is hiring for a role related to what our former positions, so I messaged my old co-workers on Facebook to say hi and see if anyone could refer potential candidates.

State, federal antitrust lawsuits likely to challenge Facebook for buying rivals and weaponizing data

Washington Post - Technology News

As the state and federal probes enter their final phases, investigators have explored how Instagram and WhatsApp changed in the years after Facebook purchased them, according to the three people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a law enforcement proceeding. Government antitrust watchdogs have weighed whether to contend in lawsuits that these transactions have left users with worse services -- and fewer privacy protections -- than they might have had if the companies had remained independent, the sources said.

Instagram gives businesses tools to keep comments in check


Instagram has updated its API and is giving businesses access to content metrics as well as new tools for managing comments. Now, through the API, businesses can turn comments on and off as well as hide them. Business accounts already had access to these sorts of features already, but this is the first time Instagram has given them the ability use those features through their marketing dashboards. These changes are additional steps in Instagram's commitment to foster a safer community and follow last month's announcement that the site would begin using AI to root out and block offensive comments. Last year, Instagram released a feature that allowed users to filter their comments based on certain words and let them disable comments from individual posts altogether.

Narrative shuts down its lifelogging camera business


Remember the Narrative Clip, that wearable camera that let you document your day with a steady stream of photos or video? It was a novel idea, but it doesn't look like many people embraced the concept. Narrative is telling customers that it's filing for "voluntary dissolution" following financial trouble that came to a head this summer, when it restructured in a bid to stay afloat. That will put an end to Clip sales and support (a Facebook group will offer help), but the company is promising a solution that prevents your lifelogging camera from becoming a paperweight. The company says it's releasing a tool that will both let you download shots from Narrative's servers and, more importantly, grab new content from your Clip.