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How to Attract the Best Talent to your Non-Profit Organization - IntelligentHQ


Hiring for non-profits is very different than with any other organization. The goal of most non-profits is to impact the world in a positive way. Their first goal is to achieve their mission and purpose, not building a client base, satisfying stockholders, or gaining market shares. So, more emphasis has to be put on the human factor. However, if you're hiring for managerial or executive positions, they also have to have important administrative skills as well as a drive for your cause.

Applying Artificial Intelligence for Talent Management


The present skills gap in the US is jeopardizing the country's long-term growth. Disruption has exploded the job demand; skill levels are constantly shooting up and the workforce doesn't have sufficient workers to fill in. In Dec 2018, 7million jobs were available for 6.3 million job seekers. While the country is almost bordering on full employment, its growth is muzzled in a time when it could have scooted in its fullest fury. Panorama on the global stage is equally grim.

Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap


That's how many unfilled cybersecurity jobs there are expected to be by 2021 -- more than the entire population of Iowa -- according to Cybersecurity Ventures. It's also up from 1 million in 2016, a 250% increase in five years, at a time when cybersecurity is becoming even more vital to protecting our way of life. The industry has been talking about this talent gap for some time, but the speed at which the problem is growing is startling. And unless we do something to address the issue, things will keep getting worse, putting not only the future of the cybersecurity industry at risk but jeopardizing the safety of millions of individuals, businesses, and institutions worldwide. To cure the problem, we must first understand the root cause.

Callow France Display Raw Talent and Character

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KAZAN, Russia (Reuters) - France have the youngest squad in the World Cup knockout phase, but they made up for a lack of experience with raw talent and character as they came from behind to beat Argentina 4-3 in a last-16 thriller on Saturday.

Indian Talent Market is Struggling with Attracting Top Talent (Infographic)


Indian talent market is going through various ups and downs due to the increased adoption of automation. According to a recent report revealed by CIEL Works, 62 per cent of companies said that they will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate repetitive tasks at recruitment while 59 per cent of companies are making the workplace relevant for millennials, who are a rising constituent of the workforce. The report is aiming at providing business leaders with insights about the talent landscape which will help them deal with the challenges in hiring top talent and driving organizational growth. Notably, talent availability has emerged as the most important challenge in attracting top talent. The lack of great talent has made a good salary and benefits a challenge.