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The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 has never been this cheap before


SAVE $37.04: Microsoft's Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is on sale at Walmart for just $142.95 as of Oct. 13. As of Oct. 13, Walmart had Microsoft's best-in-class Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 on sale for just $142.95 If it sells out at the big box store, try Amazon or the Microsoft Store instead -- both had the Elite Series 2 listed for $147.99 (or $32 off) at the time of writing. Meanwhile, it's stuck on $149.99 at Best Buy, Target, and GameStop. The Elite Series 2 was released in 2019, succeeding the original Xbox Elite Wireless Controller from 2015, and has been a top seller ever since despite a borderline ridiculous price tag.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is as good as it gets for a gaming controller, and it's $20 off at GameStop


SAVE $20: The Xbox Elite Series 2 is definitely elite when it comes to gaming controllers, and as of July 21, it's $20 off at GameStop for a limited time (discount applies in cart). Everyone who plays games needs a controller, and those who play more than the average person need a truly great controller. One that's comfortable, durable, and designed to last for extended gameplay sessions. The Xbox Elite Series 2 is undoubtedly the best on the market for not only Xbox consoles, but also PC gaming -- it's $20 off at GameStop for a limited time, so if you've been thinking about upgrading, do it now (discount will apply when you check out). From the moment you get the Elite Series 2 in your hands, you can feel from its weight just how fancy and well-constructed it is.

How To Play Fortnite Like A Pro With These Accessories

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Fortnite has become a global gaming phenomenon. The game, which puts players into a battle royale where they battle to the death to see who can reign supreme, has killed productivity at offices, caused kids to miss big exams, and generally changed the landscape of gaming. Microsoft's Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a must-have for any serious gamer. Each day, millions of people around the globe are either playing Fortnite or thinking about the next time they can play. And when they do, they're also looking for an edge to get one over on some of the better players.

Microsoft's Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is just $135 for today only


If you're an Xbox or PC gamer, there's a pretty high probability that you've taken a peek at Microsoft's Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The customizable peripheral comes in its own case, offers interchangeable thumbsticks and paddles, and delivers up to 40 hours of gaming thanks to its integrated battery pack. The only problem is that the controller can often retail for $180 and rarely gets a significant price cut. With Black Friday gaming sales starting to ramp up, Woot is hoping to tempt those looking to upgrade their controller experience by offering the Elite Series 2 for just $135, one of the lowest prices we've seen. The Elite Series 2 comes complete with a USB-C port, Bluetooth connectivity and can charge inside its carrying case. It also supports programmable profiles, allowing you to select between three stored configurations using the Profiles button on its front.

8BitDo's Pro 2 controller drops to an all-time low in Amazon's gaming sale


It's on sale for $42.50, which is 15 percent off the usual price. As with the excellent SN30 Pro, the Pro 2 is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows, macOS, Android and Raspberry Pi. This time around, the controller has two back buttons. Like all of the other inputs, those buttons on the handles (where your ring finger or pinky might rest naturally) are fully customizable through a Windows, Mac, Android and iOS app. The controller has a profile configuration switcher as well, so you can swap between three input configurations without having to fire up the app.