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Concerns grow over Japan's electricity supply-demand balance

The Japan Times

Concerns are growing over a tightening in the supply-demand balance for electricity in Japan this winter. With the supply-demand situation seen becoming more severe in February, power companies are rushing to prevent a problem from happening at their power stations. Some warn that the ongoing decarbonization drive may lead to a tight supply-demand balance becoming a structural problem in the power industry. A deterioration in the supply-demand balance could cause a large-scale power failure. It is believed that power plants' supply capacity needs to exceed demand by at least 3% in order to ensure stable electricity supply.

R with Power BI: Import, Transform, Visualize and Share


Power BI, Microsoft's data visualization and reporting platform, has made great strides in the past year integrating the R language. This Computerworld article describes the recent advances with Power BI and R. In short, you can: Power BI desktop is completely free to download and use, and includes all the features you need to create visualizations, reports and dashboards. Power BI desktop and R are both included in the Data Science Virtual Machine, so that's another easy way to get started. Sharon Laivand from the Power BI engineering team recently gave a webinar showcasing the capabilities of Power BI and R. Fast-forward to the 29-minute mark to see how to create a report incorporating R-based calculations and graphics, and then share it with others (even people who don't have R installed!) using Power BI online.

A smart power strip lets you control all your devices in one location


Save on TP-Link Kasa smart power strips as of Jan. 22: Smart plugs are a cool addition to your smart home, but what about when you're trying to plug six devices into one area? You need a power strip. And yes, of course, smart power strips are a thing. Kasa by TP-Link is one of our favorite smart plug brands, and as of Jan. 22, two of its power strips are on sale. You probably have an area in your home where there's only one outlet, but you have more than two devices to plug in.

Save $25 on this graphene power bank and juice up 3 gadgets on the go


TL;DR: The Spark Graphene Power Bank is just $119.99 at the Mashable Shop as of Jan. 4. If you received some new gadgets over the holidays, then you know how easy it is to get carried away. You want to explore all the new features and discover everything your new laptop, phone, watch, etc. can do. The downside is you tend to drain those brand-new batteries down pretty quickly. You're going to need a way to keep your new babies juiced up on the go, and we've got just the thing: the Spark Graphene Power Bank.

Microsoft Power Automate Fundamentals


On this training you will learn the basic concepts for Microsoft and Azure Cloud to understand the concepts and features to design and plan your Power Automate Implementation for your Business. Microsoft Power Platform is a line of business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity software applications. Microsoft developed the Power Fx low-code programming language for expressing logic across the Power Platform. It also provides integrations with GitHub and Teams. Power Automate is a versatile automation platform that integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps and services. Power Automate can be used to get notifications, synchronize files, approve requests, collect data, and much more.