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Being There: Our Favorite Dispatches From Every Corner of the Globe

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This year, we invited you to come along as we joined a hunt for the caiman in Bolivia. To attend with us the funeral of a neighbor in Tehran. To traipse at our side the streets of a Russian village drowning in sand. To dodge vicious sea gulls in Rome. To discover Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia.

Silicon Valley Dispatch: "No More War"


And, to top that, he sold his war algorithm to the US Government. This is the launch of the new series Silicon Valley Dispatch!

Computer Problems Delay 911 Dispatches in Indiana

U.S. News

Ray Schultz is the executive director of St. Joseph County's consolidated 911 center near Mishawaka. He tells The South Bend Tribune that at least 9,500 dispatches have been slowed so far this year.

Inside Turkey's Election: A Democracy on the Brink

NYT > Middle East

Dispatches 6:13 Why Venezuela's Elections Don't Matter to a Desperate Populace What Life Is Like on Gaza's Side of the Fence

Towards a Smarter Approach to Dispatch Planning - Holisol Logistics


Smart dispatch planning is the cornerstone to establishing the brand value of an organization and building customer trust. Supply chains rely on a robust dispatch strategy to fulfil customer expectations and meet sales targets in full and on time, while staying prepared against all potential disruptions to the demand or production cycle arising due to inclement events of the external environment. This is necessary, for a poorly drafted dispatch plan can bring extensive damages for a supply chain in terms of excessive expenditures, damaged goods, and delays in order delivery. Corporations, therefore, see an immense incentive in optimizing their dispatch planning process. The following case study will investigate the conceptual design and planning strategy of the Dispatch Allocation Planning (DAP) module of Verdis.