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Mankato Program Helps Students Get Into Manufacturing Jobs

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"Our goal is to try to get students in the door and teach them the business skills that they'll need for tomorrow, teach them things they might not be learning in school, and taking and applying what they are learning in school," MTU Onsite Energy Senior Manager Krista Ahlers told conference attendees.

Scientists are using artificial intelligence to identify toxic blooms


We're coming up on the time of year when people will be testing lakes for toxic blooms of cyanobacteria. Jason Deglint wants to speed up that testing process. Right now, he says it can take at least a few days. "The normal procedure is they take a water sample and they have to ship it to a certified lab," Deglint said. "Then a highly trained professional will sit down at a microscope, and they'll manually identify and count these different organisms."

Taylor Mac on gay history, 'Hamilton' and his epic 24-hour extravaganza at the Ace

Los Angeles Times

"We may not have that many conservative people at the show in L.A., but we have definitely performed for Trump voters," Mac said. "When there's variety, actual diversity, audience members teach each other how to listen. If it's an entirely queer audience, like say at an LGBT festival where I usually have half the number of people in the audience because I don't lip-sync or do vagina jokes, they'll laugh at something that might be a little serious. With straight people in the audience, they teach queers how to listen to something differently and vice versa. The show is really trying to get the audience to express the full range of what America has been and can be."

The future of IT leadership: 5 new roles CIOs must master


It's more than an understatement to say the role of technology leaders has changed over the past few years. The widespread adoption of cloud computing and process automation has reduced the demands for IT departments to keep the lights on. Large-scale capital expenditures on infrastructure are being replaced by increased operating expenses on services. Meanwhile, the pressure to take an active leadership role in the business's digital transformation is greater than ever. "If you looked at CIOs ten years ago, they spent an inordinate amount of time in the lower parts of the stack and in the data center," says Archana Rao, CIO for Atlassian, makers of collaboration tools like Trello and Jira.