LG says its G7 ThinQ set to launch May 2


LG on Tuesday confirmed its next flagship phone will be called the LG G7 ThinQ, and it will be announced May 2 in New York. While it's the seventh-generation LG phone, the G7 will be the first G series smartphone to adopt the ThinQ name, LG said. However, the new phone expected to pickup AI features from the LG V30S ThinQ that featured Voice AI. According to leaks, the LG G7 ThinQ will feature a hardware button to trigger an AI assistant and notch on its display.

Save $350 on the big-brained, awesome sounding LG G7 ThinQ smartphone


A phone doesn't have to be revolutionary to be a good choice, and the LG G7 ThinQ is a perfect example of this. Though the G7 ThinQ didn't shake the industry when it was released, it's proven to be a popular full-featured option in the time since. And today, you can grab one on a killer discount; $399 from WalmartRemove non-product link, down from an original list price of $750. This phone features a sleek, attractive design, including a screen-surrounded notch that actually adds some style. With 64GB of storage built in, you'll have a decent amount of space from the get-go.

LG's flagship G7 will launch in May


LG's artificial intelligence technology, ThinQ, first made its way to the Korean company's phones as part of the V30S. Now, the brand has confirmed that ThinQ is also coming to LG's flagship G-series, specifically the G7 that's debuting in New York on May 2nd and Seoul on May 3rd. According to the company's announcement, the G7 ThinQ's'Empathic AI' -- that's how LG describes its artificial intelligence, which it says is capable of human-like thinking to a certain extent -- is better than its predecessor's. We'll have to wait for the device's official launch to know how exactly it's better than the V30's, though. LG didn't expound on the new phone's features, but Israeli news site YNET got the chance to play with it a bit when it showed up in Barcelona during MWC.

LG G8 ThinQ leak shows the flagship phone from every angle


We might see LG's G7 ThinQ successor in a little over a week -- so naturally, leaks have already started pouring out of the company and onto the internet. One of those leaks is a group of images showing the upcoming G8 ThinQ from every angle, and based on those photos, the flagship phone will bear a strong resemblance to its older sibling. It's also an all-screen device with a notch for the front camera, though it looks like its rear ones have been rearranged into a horizontal format. You'll see the usual ports in the photo of its bottom part, including a 3.5mm jack that a lot of other phonemakers have chosen to ditch. While the company has yet to release the flagship's specs, it did reveal earlier this month that it's equipping the device with a "Time of Flight" image sensor made by Infineon.

Artificial Intelligence: LG's CLOi Robot, ThinQ spark high user interests - Vanguard News


IN its bid to adopt next generation technologies like AI, machine learning, big data and more in business and management practices while expanding collaborative efforts with other organizations, LG's has launched its CLOi Robot at CES 2018.