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Cheating At US Colleges More Common Among International Students: Report

International Business Times

American universities have a cheating problem, and the culprit may be the international student population. A recent Wall Street Journal analysis of data from 14 public colleges in the United States found that, for every 100 domestic students, administrators dealt with one report of cheating during the 2014-2015 school year. For every 100 foreign students, they saw 5.1. "They want to enjoy life. They are busy with social stuff and everything they missed before.

Dr. Lee President of Feng Chia University visited Wells International School with his team - International School Bangkok American International School - Wells


Dr. Lee President of Feng Chia University, one of the top university in Taiwan and his team visited Wells International School. Both Feng Chia University and Wells International School had a productive discussion on strengthening relationship between these two institutions and providing exciting opportunities for the students.

China's demand for pricey international schools 'insatiable'

The Japan Times

TIANJIN, CHINA – The school year at Haileybury College's campus near Beijing began with three People's Liberation Army soldiers marching on a running track as the Chinese national anthem played over loudspeakers. Seven hundred students stood silently in single-file lines with their hands crossed, the international prep school's crest emblazoned on many of their coats and T-shirts. Then they sang the school song in English before heading off to class in brick-facade buildings modeled on a British prep school. For most Chinese students, attending a school like this remains unthinkable. But international schools from abroad are booming here thanks to growing demand from parents who are seeking different pathways for their children to attend college overseas and who can increasingly afford more options.

Number of Japanese students studying abroad down 98% in 2020 due to COVID

The Japan Times

The number of Japanese students studying abroad in fiscal 2020 dived 98.6% from a year earlier to 1,487, a survey showed Wednesday, as strict border controls amid the coronavirus pandemic forced many students to cancel or postpone their study plans. The survey also showed the number of foreign students enrolling at universities, Japanese language schools and other educational institutions in Japan as of May 2021 fell 13.3% from a year earlier to 242,444. Of the total, 9.1% or 21,945 students could not come to Japan and had to study online. The survey conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization found the number of Japanese studying abroad hit a record low in fiscal 2020, which ended in March 2021, and logged the largest drop since comparable data became available in fiscal 2009. It covered students from Japanese universities and other institutions.

Tokyo-based international school reaches out to alumni after ex-teacher jailed for sex abuse

The Japan Times

Nishimachi International School is trying to reach alumni from the 1980s after a teacher from that period was convicted of child sex abuse in England. Richard Biddick, who taught fifth grade at the school from 1982 to 1988, admitted abusing an 11-year-old boy in Britain shortly before moving to Japan, U.K. newspapers reported last month. The victim is now an adult, and Biddick, also a former scoutmaster, is retired. The court heard Biddick befriended the boy while train-spotting and served him drugged hot chocolate before abusing him as he slept. In 2002, he was convicted separately of possessing thousands of obscene images of children.