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Wahed Invest promises to be the first Sharia-friendly roboadvisor for Muslim millennials


For anyone who wants to start investing for the first time or switch from an old-school system to a roboadvisor, there are a lot of options out there. Betterment, Wealthfront, and smart advisors from major banks all let consumers become serious investors and save for retirement without requiring as much money or time as personal financial advisors. But a major group of investors hasn't been served by these options. Wahed Invest wants to be the first roboadvisor to allow American Muslim investors to go digital and at the same time meet Sharia standards for investing. "While online investing may seem unorthodox to some Muslims across the globe, Muslim millennials in the U.S. have been interested in digital investment services and computer-generated, wealth management advice for some time," said Wahed CEO Junaid Wahedna in a press release.

Sharia Has Come to Texas


Could this rogue Islamic court be real? And what evidence led Texas to act? In the episode above, I travel to the real-life Islamic Tribunal in Arlington, Texas, to ask one of its founding imams what he does there. Then I meet with Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn, a Republican who represents a rural distinct outside Dallas and who sponsored the new legislation. He insists the bill doesn't target Muslims, but the law's backstory suggests otherwise.

Handedness in shearing auxetics creates rigid and compliant structures


In nature, repeated base units produce handed structures that selectively bond to make rigid or compliant materials. Auxetic tilings are scale-independent frameworks made from repeated unit cells that expand under tension. We discovered how to produce handedness in auxetic unit cells that shear as they expand by changing the symmetries and alignments of auxetic tilings. Using the symmetry and alignment rules that we developed, we made handed shearing auxetics that tile planes, cylinders, and spheres. By compositing the handed shearing auxetics in a manner inspired by keratin and collagen, we produce both compliant structures that expand while twisting and deployable structures that can rigidly lock.

Inside a Sharia council divorce hearing

BBC News

"Yasmeenah" is seeking an Islamic divorce from her husband and has turned to a Sharia council in the hope one will be granted by Islamic scholars. This council at Birmingham Central Mosque is one of an estimated 30 established councils across the UK, often referred to as Sharia "courts". The Victoria Derbyshire programme is broadcast on weekdays from 09:00-11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC News Channel.

Review to ask if Sharia fair to UK women

BBC News

An independent review will establish whether Sharia law in England and Wales has been used to discriminate against women, the home secretary has said. It will look at whether Sharia law - Islamic religious law - is compatible with UK laws and whether it is being "misused", Theresa May added. Some Sharia councils had sought to "legitimise" forced marriage and issue unfair divorces to women, she said. The review will be completed next year and seek best practice among councils. It will be led by Professor Mona Siddiqui, an expert in Islamic and inter-religious studies from the University of Edinburgh.