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Google Maps adds indoor AR directions and prioritizes eco-friendly routes


Google has been working hard to make Maps a useful tool for navigating the world and it's continuing to roll out new features. Today, the company is unveiling a set of updates that should make the app more helpful in more scenarios. For one thing, it's bringing its AR navigation tool Live View to some indoor locations like select malls, airports and transit stations. As a recap, Live View is an AR feature that let you see exactly where your destination is by pointing your camera at your surroundings and overlaying directions on the scene. To make that work indoors though, Google had to "develop an entirely new technology" that it's calling "global localization."

Google Maps using artificial intelligence to help point people in the right direction


Boasting that it is on track to bring over 100 "AI-powered" improvements to Google Maps, Google has announced a series of updates that have been or are set to be released in the coming year. The first is adding Live View, a feature that uses augmented reality cues -- arrows and accompanying directions -- to help point people in the right way and avoid the "awkward moment when you're walking the opposite direction of where you want to go". According to Google Maps product VP Dane Glasgow, Live View relies on AI technology, known as global localisation, to scan "tens of billions" of Street View images to help understand a person's orientation, as well as the precise altitude and placement of an object inside a building, such as an airport, transit station, or shopping centre, before providing directions. "If you're catching a plane or train, Live View can help you find the nearest elevator and escalators, your gate, platform, baggage claim, check-in counters, ticket office, restrooms, ATMs and more. And if you need to pick something up from the mall, use Live View to see what floor a store is on and how to get there so you can get in and out in a snap," Glasgow explained in a post.

Google Maps can now give you directions inside a mall or airport


Ever get lost in a mall, airport, stadium, or some other grand indoor location? Google on Tuesday revealed a new Maps feature for its iOS and Android apps to help you get around in such a place, along with several other new features for both iOS and Android phones. Live View uses augmented reality to help you determine where you are, and then you can use it to figure out how to locate exits, restrooms, ATMs, counters for assistance, gates, and a lot more. It works with your phone's camera to scan a location, and it then flashes direction arrows, and banners to signal points of interest. Live View can also give you directions within a mall, even if that mall is multi-story.

Google Enhances Business Profiles For Stores With Delivery & Pickup


Google is adding more information to Search and Maps about businesses that offer options for grocery delivery and pickup. The information is getting added to search automatically, which means there's no work needed on the part of businesses, but it's an update worth being aware of. This addition to Google Search and Maps is rolling out as part of a larger update which includes a number of other useful features. We'll look at the other features at the end of this article – let's first go over the enhancements to Google My Business profiles. Google is bringing shopping information to stores' business profiles to assist people with finding convenient grocery delivery and pickup options.

Google Maps is getting a heap of new AI-driven features


Around the world, it's become second nature for people to navigate their way through cities and streets via Google Maps, but now the tech giant has announced you'll soon be able to bring some of that power to indoor spaces as well. The latest post on Google's blog lists a host of AI-powered updates that will be rolling out over the course of the year to Google Maps, and chief among them is an Indoor Live View. Google Maps has already implemented Live View for a while now – a feature which uses the company's wealth of Street View footage to determine specific directions and overlay them over live footage from your camera, creating an augmented reality (AR) directional tool. Indoor Live View, as its name suggests, is the same feature but will also operate in a number of key indoor locations such as malls, airports, and other transit stations. According to Google, this new feature "can help you find the nearest elevator and escalators, your gate, platform, baggage claim, check-in counters, ticket office, restrooms, ATMs and more," so it's clearly a granular tool.