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AI in tweets – May 2020: talks, reads and tutorials


This month we have gathered tweets about some interesting talks, reads, and tutorials relating to AI. As artificial intelligence becomes integrated into daily life, #AI literacy becomes vital. In this @TEDTalks, PhD student and science communicator, @JordanBHarrod, explains how a basic understanding of AI has become a necessary part of everyday life. JAMA Fishbein Fellow, @angeldesaimd, speaks with scientist and entrepreneur Gary Marcus, PhD, about the potential of artificial intelligence in health care and the current #coronavirus #pandemic "We need to measure the well-being impact of COVID-19, and we need to think about scalable mental health care. Now is the time to mobilize resources to make that happen."

5 Free Courses for Getting Started in Artificial Intelligence


Don't know where or how to start learning? But learning more about artificial intelligence, and the myriad overlapping and related fields and application domains does not require a PhD. Getting started can be intimidating, but don't be discouraged; check out this motivating and inspirational post, the author of which went from little understanding of machine learning to actively and effectively utilizing techniques in their job within a year. With more and more institutes of higher learning today making the decision to allow course materials to be openly accessible to non-students via the magic of the web, all of a sudden a pseudo-university course experience can be had by almost anyone, anywhere. Have a look at the following free course materials, all of which are appropriate for an introductory level of AI understanding, some of which also cover niche application concepts and material.