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Leverage the best Laravel application development services for creating well-tailored web applications to scale your business growth. Hire offshore Laravel developers from RnF who have proven expertise in building innovative applications that suit your business needs. Ask these questions before you hire offshore Laravel developers. Apart from holding a strong knowledge of the framework, there are a few other skills a Laravel developer must-have. Let's have a look at these.

Eight Things Developers Need To Stop Doing Immediately

Forbes - Tech

You know that your team is full of talented, dedicated folks working on product development. However, even the best developers aren't always on the same page as everyone else when it comes to a big project. Maybe they're speaking in jargon when all you're asking about is why the database is running slow. Maybe some of your engineers really got into their newest project and added extra features without talking to you about it, and now you're behind deadline and over budget. Or maybe marketing and design aren't talking about the same things, and you're already anticipating calls from customers.



This book begins with the programming of objects in general and the basics of the ABAP language that a developer needs to know to get started. The most important topics needed to perform daily support jobs and ensure successful projects are covered. ABAP is a vast community with developers working in a variety of functional areas. You will be able to apply the concepts in this book to your area. SAP ABAP Objects is goal-directed, rather than a collection of theoretical topics.

Save over £150 and boost your CV with this web developer course


In the wake of news that five-year-olds in China are working on their 15-page CVs, it's clear that the professional landscape is competitive, to say the least. This example is obviously an extreme case, and the five-year-old in question probably won't beat you to that dream role. What can't hurt, however, is a little professional development. Anything you can do to give yourself an edge is worth your time, particularly if it's not even going to set you back £12. You can now purchase'The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap' course for only £11.99, down from the list price of £119.99.

Apple invests in Indian developers with a new app accelerator


In a bid to take advantage of India's growing developer community, Apple opened the doors to an App Accelerator in Bangalore today. True to its name, it'll serve as a place to speed up app development with weekly training, guidance and one-on-one app reviews. Apple opened similar accelerators in Naples and Brazil, but those were more focused on courting students as new developers. While the new Indian location will also try to win over students, it's more interested in honing the country's ready strong developer community, Apple marketing head Phil Schiller told NDTV. "I think what we hope from this accelerator is that we can help the local market create apps for customers in India that better meet the needs of our growing customer base here," Schiller said.