Minecraft for Windows 10 and Mobile Is Finally Getting a Content Marketplace

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At some point in May, Minecraft will experience a kind of coda to Microsoft and Mojang's grand synchronization of the original Java version and its newer, future-proofed Windows 10 and smartphone/tablet ones. It's called the Discovery Update, and it will add the last few absent components -- llamas, shulkers, spooky woodland mansions, ill-natured villagers and spectral vexes -- to a game that has perhaps received more post-purchase content, gratis, than any other. And then it will go a step further, adding features the Java version will never see. Like a new, curated, in-app marketplace for handpicked creators to offer things like skin packs, retextured overlays and entire worlds. Those creators, dubbed "Pioneer Partners" and limited to just nine at the outset, will be allowed to sell their wares alongside Microsoft and Mojang's own.

Exclusive: 'Minecraft' Luminary Jens Bergensten Talks About the Game's Future

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Minecraft's mysterious woodland mansions are sprawling timber and cobblestone compounds visible from hundreds of blocks away. They erupt from banks of fairy tale oaks punctuated by giant speckled mushrooms, orthogonal aberrations beckoning like inscrutable mausoleums. Inside lies treasure guarded by grumbling gray beings that can summon winged imps, crowds of snapping teeth, or chase you with hatchets down long carpeted halls. There's even a variant of the latter nicknamed "Johnny." It's available now for the Java edition, and includes other curious novelties, like llamas (they'll schlep your stuff around and spit on command), shulker boxes (they retain what's inside even when broken) and village cartographers who'll sell you exploration maps, so you can find your way to the new mansions, as well as the older ocean monuments.

The biggest Lego 'Minecraft' set yet is coming in June


Lego has explored various corners of the Minecraft universe in sets based on the Nether, The End and more. But the biggest set of them all -- coming in June -- focuses on a decidedly more mundane location: The Village. Minecraft's social centers are the subject of a June 1 Lego release, and it's not small. For 199.99 you get 1,600 pieces spanning three different biomes (rainforest, snow and desert) and key structures (watchtower, library, butcher, blacksmith and marketplace). See also: See the best'Call of Duty' Zombies map remade in'Minecraft' Several of the structures -- specifically the library, butcher and marketplace -- feature hinged pieces that make it easy to crack them open and create interior scenes.

Microsoft will kill off Minecraft on older consoles

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Mojang, the developer behind popular video game Minecraft, has announced that after the upcoming'Update Aquatic' release, the game will not update on older consoles. Players on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS Vita and Wii U will all receive the latest update shortly after the initial launch hits newer systems. But this will be the last new update that is compatible with these platforms. 'This will mark the last big effort to keep those editions up to date with our newer versions of the game,' Mojang said in a post on their website. 'Although we'd love to keep bringing new content to all our players forever, the older generation of consoles now make up less than 5 percent of our active players' 'So we've made the difficult decision to focus our efforts to support players where they play Minecraft the most and where we plan to add new features,' they added.

'Minecraft' Is Getting New Boss Battles This Fall

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It doesn't scare my 4-year-old as much as Herobrine in Titan's clever "Lego Minecraft" YouTube flicks, but The Wither is coming to the Windows 10, Pocket Edition and Gear VR versions of Minecraft in something dubbed "The Boss Update." It'll be another freebie, and Microsoft says to look for it this fall, post-Minecon. Those versions will also get ocean monuments (underwater temples haunted by Mojang's aquatic homage to Dungeons & Dragons' beholder), nether stars (dropped by The Wither, letting you create beacons of light), new building blocks (prismarine and sponges) and "slash commands." Slash commands may be the biggest deal here, since they're basically shorthand for tinkerers who want to make god-level tweaks to the game on the fly. The Boss Update will include 20 of these, and Microsoft says to expect more down the road.