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Get started with Hadoop and Spark in 10 minutes


Download and install the pre-requisites: Virtualbox and Vagrant. Run vagrant box add command with the link for the desired vagrant development box configuration. Alternatively, you could specify the remote URLs for downloading these software during installation. Run vagrant ssh to access the environment and perform post-provisioning tasks like starting up Hadoop and Spark daemons. Download and install the pre-requisites: Virtualbox and Vagrant.

Solutions for R Users - Zementis


R has achieved mass acceptance as one of the most dynamic and capable programming languages for statistical computing and graphics, and as a result, has achieved widespread adoption among data scientists worldwide. Even when data scientists utilize this powerful software tool, they still confront the challenge of rapidly deploying predictive models from a development environment into an operating environment. Both Zementis solutions support batch and real-time computing environments, offering a highly efficient, streamlined, versatile and cost-effective approach to executing R models. ADAPA and UPPI utilize PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language, which is the de facto standard for representing predictive models. PMML allows models to be developed in one application and deployed within another, as long as both applications are PMML-compliant.

#233- Big Data Framework Architect - IoT BigData Jobs


The Big Data Framework Architect works as both a senior technical thought leader as well as a hands-on developer to conceive, design, develop and deliver a custom Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) solution to move and transform data in a Hadoop Big Data environment. This is a "greenfield" development effort. This position will require significant design skills as well as outstanding handson-the-keyboard software development skills in Java 8, Kafka, and Linux to leverage Big Data technologies including Hive, Spark, and HDFS. Works closely with other senior technical architects to design, build and test a custom ELT tool using Java, Kafka, and Big Data API's (Hive, HDFS, Spark and others) Capable of working on an agile software development team both on individual efforts as well in pairs at shared programming terminals. Utilizes modern programming technologies including RESTful services, Messaging, Streaming, Test Driven Development, and Functional Programming to accomplish tasks.

PowerBrain.Shop – AI Simplification. Delivered.


The obvious result of the growth in AI related business is a global lack of sufficiently trained and skilled AI software development experts who are needed by the millions of projects around the world. At the same time, the currently very high complexity of AI and machine learning application development prohibits many people, including those from Computer Science related fields, from entering the AI industry, and drives the need for Powerbrains next Generation AI development environment AI-IDE – simplifying the development of AI based solutions drastically. To support PowerBrains's vision to enable the easy implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), our core product is PowerBrains's Integrated AI Software Development Environment (AI-IDE) which enables rapid AI design, implementation, limitation, training, test and validation, making PowerBrains a'Software Factory' for digital'brains' – trained software structures.

Why Use Docker In Machine Learning? We Explain With Use Cases


Docker is everywhere in the software industry today. Mostly popular as a DevOps tool, Docker has stolen the hearts of many developers, system administrators and engineers, among others. "Docker is a tool that helps users to exploit operating-system-level virtualisation to develop and deliver software in packages called containers." This technical definition may sound complicated, but all you need to know is that Docker is a complete environment where you can build and deploy software. It is just like your Linux machine, except that it is very lightweight, fast and has nothing except what you need for your project or software to run without a glitch.