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Russia orders health and drug checks for foreigners

BBC News

Under the law, signed during the summer by President Vladimir Putin, foreigners staying for over three months have to be fingerprinted with immediate notice. But from 1 March they must also be checked for HIV and Aids, tuberculosis, leprosy and syphilis, as well as the "presence or absence" of use of narcotic or psychotropic drugs and new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances.

GOP Health Overhaul Puts Pressure on State Governments

U.S. News

It is the Republican proposed changes to Medicaid, which has become the largest source of federal revenue for states, that have drawn the most reaction since the Coordination of Benefits report was released. Under the Affordable Care Act, 31 states and the District of Columbia expanded their Medicaid programs, providing coverage to about 11 million Americans. Among those benefiting from Indiana's expansion is Boone.

The Angle: The Clinton Impeachment Edition


Slow Burn: Season 2 is here! Leon Neyfakh explains why he's diving into the Clinton impeachment scandal in the latest installment of the podcast. Asbestos: Is the Trump administration really bringing back the dangerous carcinogen? Henry Grabar does some fact-checking. Health-ish: The wellness-industrial complex--with its various supplements, detoxes, and crystals--is having a moment right now, and doctors and health care professionals aren't holding back with their criticisms. But Rachelle Hampton points out that the medical establishment's condescension isn't helping the people who turned away from real doctors in the first place.

Government says sorry to women 'ignored' by doctors

BBC News

The health minister has apologised to hundreds of women, and their children and families, failed by healthcare professionals after expressing concerns about medical treatments. Nadine Dorries was giving a statement in Parliament, on the Cumberlege review, published on Wednesday. The review, which had heard from about 700 women, focused on vaginal mesh to treat incontinence, an oral pregnancy test and an epilepsy medicine. Its report was "harrowing", she said. "I would like to make an apology to those people on behalf of the health and care sector for the time the system took to listen and respond to those women, their children and their families," Ms Dorries said at the beginning of her statement.

Ministers 'don't know' if Covid travel rules worked, report finds

BBC News

Dame Meg Hillier, who chairs the committee, said: "We can be clear on one thing - the cost to the taxpayer in subsidising expensive quarantine hotels, and more millions of taxpayers' money blown on measures with no apparent plan or reasoning and precious few checks or proof that it was working to protect public health."