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The Morning After: 'The Last of Us: Part II'


As promised, we've got hands-on impressions for some of the biggest games on display at E3 2018. Meanwhile, in the world outside the LA Convention Center, we're looking into Tesla's latest Autopilot update and how Apple is about to make your iOS device more secure. A fresh kind of sci-fi dystopia.In'Cyberpunk 2077,' you control your own dark, intoxicating future CD Projekt Red, the studio behind the Witcher series, has been remarkably silent since revealing Cyberpunk in 2012 -- developers released one teaser trailer in 2013 and then went underground, leaving sci-fi and RPG fans in the dark for five long years. At E3 2018, they finally turned on the light and let us inside the sprawling, metallic future of Night City. New weapons will help push the series forward.In'The Last of Us Part II,' Ellie is a lethal loner From the little we've seen, Ellie is faster, more agile and way smarter than Joel -- at least when it comes to survival.

Nintendo's Newest Products Are Switch Accessories You Can Build Yourself

TIME - Tech

Ever since Nintendo unveiled the Switch about one year ago, one message was immediately clear: The ability to interact with the console in a variety of different ways -- docked to a TV, held in your hands, or propped up on a table -- was going to be the device's distinguishing characteristic.

Nintendo Switch Tokyo Presentation Report And Hands-On Impressions

Forbes - Tech

After months of waiting, Nintendo revealed a great deal more about its upcoming console the Nintendo Switch. Overall, the presentation went well and seems to have instilled more confidence in the console's future in Japan. This is a key point to understand up front, the Wii U has been perceived very poorly in Japan and with good reason. The console and games haven't sold here much at all and, excluding the 3DS, Nintendo's fortunes in terms of console gaming have been under a great deal of scrutiny as a result. This is why the Nintendo Switch is so important and it seems that, thus far at least, people seem happy and are even impressed with the new console.

Black Friday 2018: Save $50 on Arcade1Up retro arcade cabinets like Street Fighter II, Centipede, Rampage, and Asteroids at Walmart


Retro gaming is a great way to relive your childhood, but playing old school games on new hardware just doesn't feel the same. That's why Arcade1Up is bringing the arcade into your home with a collection of classic games from video games' golden age. For Black Friday, Walmart has four of the retro gaming company's arcade cabinets on sale for just $249.00 each, a $50 savings. These are exactly how you remember playing video games when you were a kid, but shrunk down to a smaller size. The best part about these arcade machines is that they're completely coinless, so you can spend hours playing classic games without pumping in more quarters for another continue.

8BitDo is making a customizable arcade stick for Switch and PC players


It's time to fight with style. The peripheral, which supports PC and Switch, has a bunch of customisation options to suit different players. It has a "universal mounting plate," for instance, so fighting game enthusiasts can swap in sticks and buttons made by other manufacturers. It also supports 8BitDo's Ultimate Software so that, unlike the company's old N30 arcade stick, you can change the button mapping, save custom profiles, and execute macros with the P1 and P2 options in the top right-hand corner. You can connect the stick over Bluetooth, a USB-C cable, or a wireless 2.4G receiver that's cleverly stored on the underside of the stick.