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Everything you need to know about the tornadoes (and blizzards) that struck this weekend

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"It's rare in the sense that it doesn't happen all the time," Marsh says. "It's not rare in the sense that we get a couple of these per year." "In terms of overall numbers, we're not talking about a very large tornado outbreak," says John Allen, a meteorologist at Central Michigan University. This particular storm system created 27 confirmed tornadoes at last count, but large tornado outbreaks can produce hundreds of funnels. Tornadoes are rated on the Enhanced-Fujita or EF scale, which derives the wind speed of the tornado based on the damage caused to trees or buildings along its path.

At Least Two Dead in Alabama Tornado: Reports

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Severe weather unleashed one of numerous possible tornadoes that threatened the Southern United States on Sunday afternoon. Tornado warnings and watches were in effect for parts of Georgia and Alabama through Sunday evening.

Study: Biggest tornado outbreaks are spawning more twisters

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In this Nov. 30, 2016, photo, Gregg Jefferey, left, and his son Tyler help a family friend clean up their business at Rosalie Plaza after a possible tornado ripped through the town in Rosalie, Ala. The most extreme tornado outbreaks, like the deadly one Tuesday in the Southeast, are mysteriously spawning many more twisters than they did decades ago, a new study claimed. The same type of once-every-five-years-or-so outbreak that 50 years ago had about 12 tornadoes, now has on average about 20, said Columbia University applied physics professor Michael Tippett, lead author of the study in Thursday's journal Science.

Thousands Still Without Power After Carolinas Tornadoes

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A survey crew from the weather service confirmed tornadoes touched down in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties Monday. The tornado in Cherokee County was just a few hundred feet from a tornado that hit Oct. 8.

Three dead in Cuba as tornado rips through Havana

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A powerful tornado that ripped through the Cuban capital leaving at least three people dead and 172 others injured. The tornado, which hit Havana on Sunday, was classified as an EF4 with winds touching 300kph. It is the first tornado to hit the city in decades. The twister uprooted trees, damaged buildings, cut power in poor areas and caused coastal flooding with heavy rains. Regla, the worst-hit borough in Havana, bore the brunt of the impact.