Your digital assistant may have tons of new features it didn't tell you about

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Today, Google rolled out a new ability for the Google Assistant. The helpful, disembodied entity that lives inside smartphones and Google Home devices can now interpret two languages at the same time, including French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and English. But, how will users know about it? It's a question I recently encountered in my own personal experience. A few weeks ago, the familiar command that turns my Philips Hue lights on and off stopped working."OK,

John Legend is one of six new Google Assistant voices


At the annual I/O developers conference on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that users now have six additional options for their Assistant's voice, one of which is that of famed singer/songwriter John Legend. The new voices arrive thanks to the company's work with Wavenet technology over the last year. They'll be available for both mobile and the Google Home beginning later today. Click here to catch up on the latest news from Google I/O 2018!

How and When You Can Access The Biggest Upcoming Google Assistant Features


Google's aptly named AI helper, Google Assistant, is poised to have a great year in 2019. Not only will the digital assistant be spreading to numerous devices old and new, but there are a host of new features coming, too, several of which were shown off at CES 2019 last week. This list of upcoming Google Assistant updates is long, and it can be overwhelming trying to parse out all the different announcements and keep track of when these new features will finally be available. To help, we've curated a rundown detailing the best and most important updates coming for Google Assistant in the next few months, including what devices these new features have been announced for, their expected release dates, and how to enable them (when available). By far, the most hyped new Assistant feature at CES was the Interpreter Mode.

Sonos delays Google Assistant voice features until 2019


Ever since Sonos speakers started working with Amazon's Alexa, the company has promised that it would eventually support Google Assistant as well. Well, after announcing that the Google Assistant would arrive in 2018, the company is now delaying that launch until next year. Sonos says in a press release that it needs "a bit more time to get the experience right" and is looking to get a concrete date set for 2019. It's disappointing but not terribly surprising, as Sonos has been extremely tight-lipped on the Google Assistant for months now. There is at least some movement, though: Sonos plans to start a private beta very soon; users can sign up to be considered here.

Dish Network's 'Hopper' DVR now offers Google Assistant voice controls


Dish Network customers won't have to change the channel from their remote controls anymore. Now, they can just ask Google. Dish Network announced on Monday that all generations of its Hopper DVR set-top boxes will be compatible with Google Assistant, allowing customers to control the channel with their voice. The feature is compatible with Google Home speakers and the Google Assistant app on iOS and Android. The update marks a major shift for Dish Network, who will now give voice control options to the "tens of millions" of people who have bought a Google Home smart speaker.