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Virtual class room software for universities because science has always made our lives easy, efficient, more productive and meaningful. The virtual classroom is yet another application of science and technology to make the classroom lectures available to anyone, anywhere and anytime. The concept is being practiced in various universities for some selected subjects as of now and universities even plan to scale this process in the near future. It is the same as our traditional classrooms but on a computer available to many viewers at the same time who are available at different locations in the world. Imagine you could take lectures of any professor in the world by just sitting at your home and faculties could give lectures to any of their students too.

China Steps Up Efforts To Block Virtual Private Networks

NPR Technology

Even as the government finds new methods to block VPNs, providers find ways to end-run the blocks.

Energy Connect Virtual Conference & Expo


Please join us on May 21-22 2019 at the Energy Connect Virtual Conference and Expo. At the Energy Connect, you will see distinguished industry speakers and exhibiting companies who are digitally transforming the oil and gas industry.

South Korea mulls virtual currency exchange shutdown


South Korea is considering shutting down all local virtual currency exchanges, the country's finance regulator chief said Thursday.

Amazon opens up virtual Dash Buttons to third-party developers


The site will auto-generate buttons that allow you to re-buy your most recently purchased items with one click. You can also create your own Dash buttons. Today, Amazon announced the Virtual Dash Button Service (VDBS), a developer kit that will allow third parties to create Dash buttons and display them inside their own devices with screens.