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Development of Artificial Intelligence in Bulgaria until 2030


August 2020 – On 19 August 19 2020, the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications released a new draft strategy entitled Concept for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Bulgaria until 2030. It aims to define focal areas for building scientific and expert capacity for the development and implementation of AI systems and to build on the measures and activities set as a priority in other relevant national strategic documents, including in particular "Vision, Objectives and Priorities for the National Development Program: Bulgaria 2030." Based on the EU-wide principles for the development and implementation of AI technologies, the national AI strategy takes a broad-spectrum approach to encouraging the introduction of next-generation digital technologies in Bulgaria and offers a timely and reliable assessment of possible risks. This framework strategy is expected to play an important role during the next decade in the development of important national policies in the areas of science and scientific infrastructure; education and skills; intelligent industry; electronic public administration; sustainable agriculture; and e-health. All interested parties, including companies active on digital and digitally-enabled markets such as yours, are invited to provide feedback on the concept until 18 September 2020. For your convenience, please refer to the original document (in Bulgarian only) here.

Big Data Value MEET-UP SOFIA


The Big Data PPP: Research, Innovation and Policy Challenges of the Data Economy in Europe. Representative from Bulgaria (Member State hosting the event) - Big Data Strategy in Europe and implementation status (European Commission) - Overview of the Big Data Value Public-Private-Partnership and its activities (BDVA and BDVe representatives) - Big Data Strategy in Bulgaria (Official Bulgarian representative) 10:15-11:30 SESSION I. BIG DATA-ENABLED DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: EXAMPLES OF BUSINESS IMPACT - Inspirational Speech: Data Market: a SWOT analysis for the EU - Panel on "Big data-enabled digital Transformation" Representatives of different industrial sectors in Europe (including Logistics, bio-economy, manufacturing or health) will share their experiences in the deployment of big data solutions in varied business environments. The panel will provide insights on existing solutions, opportunities and challenges, as well as concrete RoI examples. OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMEs & STARTUPS IN THE DATA ECONOMY Inspirational Speech Panel on "Where do SMEs and startups stand in Data Economy?" Representatives of relevant initiatives working with startups and SMEs such as Data Pitch, European Data Incubator EDI, industrial programs led by corporates but also some startups will express their views on the existing opportunities and gaps and will share examples with the audience 13:15-14:15 Lunch 14:15-14:25 Keynote speaker: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence 14:25-15:45 SESSION III.

AI Outlook: Europe initiates AI regulation introducing the principle of trustworthy AI Technology's Legal Edge


On February 19, 2020, the European Commission presented its White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – A European Approach to Excellence and Trust, a much-anticipated policy document setting out concrete measures and proposed regulation with the objective of promoting the development, uptake and use of AI applications, while also addressing the resulting fundamental rights challenges. The document has raised concerns among companies about whether new rules on AI will negatively impact businesses developing or deploying AI solutions across the EU. Feedback on the white paper can be provided until May 19, 2020. The white paper proposes a dual approach. It aims to establish an "ecosystem of excellence" on the one hand, and "an ecosystem of trust" on the other hand.

New EU Strategy on Artificial Intelligence Lexology


On 25 April 2018, a new Communication was published that sets out the European Commission's (EC's) new strategy to boost Europe's artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and related industries, while at the same time preparing for socioeconomic changes emanating from these emerging technologies. The Communication also poses questions as to whether – and, if so, where and how – the European legal and ethical framework needs to be adapted due to the advent of AI. The EC refers to AI as "systems that show intelligent behaviour by analysing their environment, and performing various tasks with some degree of autonomy to achieve specific goals."1 European leaders are considering AI as a top priority. On 10 April, 24 member states2 and Norway co-signed a Declaration which commits them to working together on AI.

Excellence and Trust in AI -- Brochure - Shaping Europe's digital future - European Commission


Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems that display intelligent behaviour by analysing their environment and taking actions – with some degree of autonomy – to achieve specific goals. Many AI approaches critically depend on the availability of data to achieve their results, or use learning methods to reach their peak performance or improve over time. Enabled by computing power, availability of data and progress in algorithms, AI is progressively turning into one of the strategic technologies of the 21st century. AI can contribute to a wide array of benefits across the entire spectrum of economic and social activities. It can help to solve complex problems and boost the green and digital transformation of businesses and societies.