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'I'm swapping nursing for botox'

BBC News

Constantina Antaniou became a nurse because she loves caring for people. "I want to look after people, I'm that type of person - I wanted a profession where I can do this," Constantina told the BBC. She left what she describes as the "NHS rat race" to join a GP surgery, where she has been since September 2016. But after 27 years working in hospitals and as a community nurse, she is leaving her nursing career to work in botox. "It's very frustrating when you want to do a job you love but you're not supported, you're not given the resources, you're not valued," she explained.

Male nurse: 'I was told to become a brickie'

BBC News

When David Ferran left school at the age of 17, he was encouraged to learn a trade and become a bricklayer or an electrician. He went into nursing, bucking the trend in what is still a female-dominated profession. David, who works in the dermatology department at the Royal Victoria Hospital, in Belfast, says: "I love the job - and think more men should consider it. But because of the stereotypes surrounding it, they don't. "People ask me, 'Are you a doctor?' Then when I say, 'No, I'm a nurse,' they say, 'Do you want to become a doctor?'

Artificial intelligence, automation and the future of nursing Canadian Nurse


Technological change is already shaking up the profession. What is your relationship with technology going to be? Picture this: a patient walks into the emergency department and sits in front of the "triage nurse" -- a computer that uses advanced algorithms to ask questions based on the patient's answers. A robot draws the patient's blood. Another one computes real-time nurse schedules and bed availability to decide if the patient can be admitted. "Follow me," the robot says.

World short of 6 million nurses, WHO says

The Japan Times

Geneva – As COVID-19 captures global headlines, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday that the world needs nearly 6 million nurses. The U.N.'s health agency along with partners Nursing Now and the International Council of Nurses underscored in a report the crucial role played by nurses, who make up more than half of all health workers worldwide. "Nurses are the backbone of any health system," WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement. "Today, many nurses find themselves on the front line in the battle against COVID-19," he noted, adding that it was vital they "get the support they need to keep the world healthy." The report said that there are just under 28 million nurses on the planet.

Nurses: The way the profession is changing

BBC News

From the running of general practices to carrying out surgical operations, the role of nurses is changing. So what are some of the things modern nurses do?