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iWorkers and AiWorkers


Artificial Intelligence, or'AI' is the buzzword of the year. What does AI mean to us Independent Workers? Are we going to be replaced by an algorithm? I've been a computer programmer for almost fifty years now and all through my career I was told that a computer was going to replace me. No, it was a computer, I remember.

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The term "artificial intelligence" is widely used, but less understood. As we see it permeate our everyday lives, we should deal with its inevitable exponential growth and learn to embrace it before tremendous economic and social changes overwhelm us. Part of the confusion about artificial intelligence is in the name itself. There is a tendency to think about AI as an endpoint -- the creation of self-aware beings with consciousness that exist thanks to software. This somewhat disquieting concept weighs heavily; what makes us human when software can think, too?

Five Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Transforming Construction


The potential applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in construction are vast, and for early adopters, these technologies are already helping to make jobsites safer, more efficient and more productive. Requests for information, open issues and change orders are standard in the construction industry. Machine learning is like a smart assistant that can scrutinize this mountain of data, learn from it and then alert project managers about the critical items that need their attention. This type of AI is also being used to track the real-time interactions of workers, machinery and objects on the jobsite and alert supervisors of potential safety issues, construction errors and productivity issues. What are some of the top benefits of using AI and machine learning in the construction industry?

This robot is training to become a construction worker — Genius Moments


The National Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of Japan is developing a humanoid robot that is capable of performing simple construction tasks. HRP-5P can comfortably -- albeit slowly -- install drywall all by itself. In the past, we have seen robots laying bricks and robots assembling Ikea furniture. It seems like construction workers of the future will be robotic, and these examples are just a glimpse of that future.