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Samsung's Bixby voice assistant launches in 200 countries

Daily Mail - Science & tech

After months of delays, Samsung has finally launched its Bixby voice assistant in more than 200 countries worldwide. Among the countries with access to the smart assistant are the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa – although it can only understand American English and Korean. The launch will come as a huge relief to Samsung, which suffered major delays as Bixby'struggled to understand English.' It operates through'Quick Commands' – a feature that allows users to create custom voice commands. For example, users can use the command'good night' as a shortcut for'Turn on Do-not-disturb mode, set an alarm for 6:00am and turn on blue light filter.'

Bonjour Bixby: Samsung unveils its own AI aide to debut on the Galaxy S8


Ahead of next week's announcement of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has introduced the world to Bixby, its own entry into the increasingly crowded AI landscape. Samsung is a bit late to the AI race led by Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, but it has a bit of a different strategy. Instead of wowing us with encyclopedic knowledge, Samsung is putting Bixby at the center of the Galaxy experience. It's calling it an intelligent interface, rather than an assistant, and it will work across the phone and any "Bixby-enabled" apps to reduce the number of taps we need to make. Rather than adding summoning functionality into the home button, Samsung has built a dedicated button on the side of the S8 (seen in the picture above) to "make it feel easier and more comfortable to give commands."

Samsung unveils Bixby, its AI to take on Siri

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Watch out Siri, there is a new virtual assistant in town. Samsung has unveiled its intelligent interface that will live in the firm's highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 smartphone set to launch next week. Unlike the other AI assistants on the market, Bixby is specifically design to'make using your phone even more seamless and intuitive'. Users can make apps Bixby-enabled, which will let Bixby support almost every task that the application is capable of performing using the conventional interface. Any task a human user can do via touch commands, the AI will have the ability to do as well.



Update 9/18/17: Samsung will finally let users turn off the side button so it doesn't open Bixby Home when accidentally pressed. To do that, open the Galaxy Apps store, tap the overflow menu icon in the top right, then My Apps, and Update. If you see it, you're on the latest version and Bixby Voice is active To start using Bixby, swipe over to the Bixby Home screen and it should walk you through the setup process, which is pretty simple. Additionally, there are a few general options in the Bixby Home Settings menu, including background color, feedback sounds, speaking style, and notifications.