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Galaxy S8, S8 Owners Can Now Use Bixby Voice Through Samsung's Preview Program

International Business Times

Samsung has launched a preview program for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 owners who want to try out Bixby Voice ahead of its official release in the U.S. At the same time, some updates for Bixby have been rolled out, suggesting that the company's voice assistant could soon be fully functional in the country. On Wednesday, Samsung opened the preview program to allow select Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 users to test out the Bixby Voice command features. Only those who signed up for the program will get the chance to do this. The rollout of this beta will last for a few days, so don't be worried if you had signed up and still haven't received the notification for the update. Android Authority says that consumers who have signed up for the preview should update all of their Samsung-branded apps to their latest versions in the Galaxy App store before testing the voice command features.

Samsung's Bixby won't support voice commands when it debuts on the Galaxy S8


One of the marquee features of the Galaxy S8 is Bixby, Samsung's response to the Siris, Google Assistants, and Cortanas of the world. Billed as "a new way to interact with your phone," Samsung has gone so far as to add a dedicated button on the side of the phone to summon its new assistant, and has integrated it deeply into the S8's interface. There's just one problem: You won't be able to talk to Bixby at launch. In a statement released about a week before the S8 is set to hit shelves, Samsung confirmed that its new AI assistant will be missing a key component. While it will support Vision, Home and Reminder when it launches on April 21, Bixby Voice won't be included on U.S. models.

Samsung unveils Bixby, its AI to take on Siri

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Watch out Siri, there is a new virtual assistant in town. Samsung has unveiled its intelligent interface that will live in the firm's highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 smartphone set to launch next week. Unlike the other AI assistants on the market, Bixby is specifically design to'make using your phone even more seamless and intuitive'. Users can make apps Bixby-enabled, which will let Bixby support almost every task that the application is capable of performing using the conventional interface. Any task a human user can do via touch commands, the AI will have the ability to do as well.

Samsung Bixby Voice: How to set up and use the Galaxy S8 assistant


It's been a long time coming, but Bixby has finally found its voice. Samsung is gearing up to push out the final piece of its AI package, Bixby Voice, to all Galaxy S8 phones. Before long, millions of people will be saying, "Hi Bixby" to summon the new assistant. I had a chance to test an early version of Bixby Voice, and there's actually quite a bit you can already do with it. It's a little slow on the trigger at times, but I was impressed with how well it was able to understand me.