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Sexy Mr. Clean just turned on everyone watching the Super Bowl


Millions of people just watched a newer, sexier Mr. Clean seduce a woman in its new Super Bowl spot which aired during the third quarter of the big game on Sunday, and everyone is either completely turned on or completely confused why Mr. Clean is so hot now. While the bald, tight pant-wearing Mr. Clean has always had some sex appeal, the new Clean has brought things to a whole new level. When Mr. Clean becomes Mr. Steal Yo Girl... Bet I ain't gotta ask Mr. Clean more than once to take the trash out Knowing most men they gonna just throw all the Mr. Clean products out of the house this week. Audi: women should feel empowered to-- Mr. Clean: AYE LADIES OUR MASCOT STUPID THICC CLEAN HAVE SO MUCH GAME?!?!?! *proceeds to take notes* Mr. Clean got too much sauce.

InterSystems Announces Clean Data as a Solution InterSystems Corporation


CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–InterSystems, a global leader in information technology platforms for health, business, and government applications, announced Clean Data as a Solution, the newest offering in the family of HealthShare Managed Solutions, at InterSystems Global Summit 2019, the company's annual conference held in Boston. The future of healthcare requires the analysis and application of clean data to ensure business operations run smoothly and patients receive optimal care. Clean Data as a Solution enables healthcare organizations to clean, normalize, aggregate, and interpret data quickly and accurately, opening the door to more advanced, automated applications. "There is no machine learning without data. Just as clean water is essential to public health, clean data is essential to digital health. Clean Data as a Solution offers providers, payers, and patients a clean data set to accelerate the application of AI and machine learning-driven insights."

Are you a clean freak?

FOX News

Most of us enjoy a clean home, but not all of us manage to maintain one every day. Clean freaks, however, put the quest for cleanliness above other, more trivial ways of spending time. For them, a spotless home is the zenith of achievement. Clean freaks are not interested in workout DVDs. Surely vacuuming the living room and dusting the curtain rods act as a decent workout with plenty of stretches?

The 10 dirtiest items in your house—and how to clean them

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

There's no place like home to cozy up and kick back and because we're comfortable in our own spaces, it's easy to assume these areas are clean. But it turns out our homes are hotbeds for germs and bacteria. Consider that device you're using to read this article: your keyboard is actually dirtier than a toilet seat, and so is your cell phone. It makes you wonder where else harmful bacteria like E. coli, MRSA, and Streptococcus may be lurking. Spoiler alert: Your home is actually more disgusting than you probably thought.

Destroying America's Clean Air

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China's air quality is so bad from the burning of coal in places like Beijing, that the government is putting huge flat screen images of nice days to fight the depression that comes with never seeing the sky. China is truly attempting to change from coal to nuclear and renewables, but that change will be slow as their energy use will double in the next 20 years. As the White House moves to repeal or gut environmental regulations like the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, we should all be very, very worried. The Clean Air Act is the single piece of legislation that has saved the most lives in history. I personally know the effects of the Clean Air Act.