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Why It's Time to Transform Your Classroom with AI -- THE Journal


As these teachers have come to understand, you don't have to be technically minded to introduce your students to the important concepts behind artificial intelligence. When computer science teacher Sharon Harrison wanted to introduce her eighth graders to the basic idea of artificial intelligence, she had them try out an online chatbot called Akinator, which asks the user questions to determine what historic or fictional character he or she is thinking of. In some instances, the students marveled at how quickly the program could figure out the answer. "Sometimes it would guess in three or four guesses, and we'd say, 'How on earth was it able to do that?'" From there, the discussion in this elective class at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools examined how responses to the chatbot could be sabotaged -- by responding to the questions incorrectly, and thereby "damage the integrity of the program."

How A Language Translation Device Can Help Your Company Enter A Foreign Market

Forbes - Tech

Of course, not all languages can be easily translated. What you can do, however, is practice face-to-face communication skills. A study by the Harvard Business School and the University of Chicago finds that hand-shaking and other social interactions in a business setting promote "cooperative strategies and influences negotiation outcomes." The verbal and nonverbal communication that takes place during an in-person meeting is essential to the business relationship. Nothing would be possible without your employees: They are the core of your company and you rely on them to build partnerships and foster overall growth.

It Takes Nine to Smell a Rat: Neural Multi-Task Learning for Check-Worthiness Prediction Artificial Intelligence

We propose a multi-task deep-learning approach for estimating the check-worthiness of claims in political debates. Given a political debate, such as the 2016 US Presidential and Vice-Presidential ones, the task is to predict which statements in the debate should be prioritized for fact-checking. While different fact-checking organizations would naturally make different choices when analyzing the same debate, we show that it pays to learn from multiple sources simultaneously (PolitiFact, FactCheck, ABC, CNN, NPR, NYT, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, and Washington Post) in a multi-task learning setup, even when a particular source is chosen as a target to imitate. Our evaluation shows state-of-the-art results on a standard dataset for the task of check-worthiness prediction.

AAAI-08 and IAAI-08 Conferences Provide Focal Point for AI

AI Magazine

This summer's AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-08) and its sister Conference on Innovative Applications of AI (IAAI-08) continued their long tradition of being a focal point of AI. This year's conferences were held in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, July 13-17, 2008. The multidimensional conference offerings included nine invited talks, 251 technical papers, 22 innovative applications of AI papers, three competitions (poker, AI video, and general game playing), three special tracks (AI and the web, integrated intelligence, and physically grounded AI), 15 tutorials, 15 workshops, and 11 intelligent system demonstrations, as well as a number of awards, a doctoral consortium, student poster session and programs, and a vendor exhibit. This translated into a plethora of choices for the 921 conference attendees. An additional 175 people exclusively attended the tutorials, workshops, or exhibit.