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Mitsubishi Heavy aircraft unit may delay delivery of MRJ passenger jet again

The Japan Times

NAGOYA – A subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. may delay the initial delivery of the first passenger jet to be developed in Japan due to technical problems, a source familiar with the matter said Saturday. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp., an entity 64 percent owned by Mitsubishi Heavy, told its customers that it may need to push back the current delivery schedule of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, or MRJ, from the middle of 2018, the source said. If postponed, it will be the fifth delay in the delivery plan and potential design changes could force Mitsubishi Aircraft to review production plans and lead to a substantial delay in the delivery schedule, though manufacturing operations have already started. Last December the company put off the initial delivery by a year to the middle of 2018, as it wanted more testing time to strengthen the wing design. The possible postponement comes as an MRJ arrived at its test-flight base in the United States on Wednesday after aborting its flight to Grant County International Airport in Washington state twice due to problems with its air-conditioning system.

How much should you tip your delivery driver?

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

You can use your smartphone to get pretty much anything delivered directly to your door almost instantaneously, from food and groceries to daily essentials and electronics. The hardest part is of the process is scrambling to figure out if you should tip and if so, doing the quick math before you get to the door. It's pretty much common knowledge that you tip should tip about 20% at restaurants, but do the same rules apply to delivery drivers? Most food delivery apps have both delivery and service fees, which can get expensive and confusing. Customers might think that a delivery fee would include tip.

Mitsubishi Aircraft again delays passenger jet delivery, this time until next year -- or later

The Japan Times

NAGOYA – Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. plans to push back the first delivery of its passenger jet to next year or later in its sixth schedule delay, a source familiar with the matter has said. The small jet called Mitsubishi SpaceJet, previously known as Mitsubishi Regional Jet, is scheduled to be delivered to All Nippon Airways Co. by the middle of this year under the current plan. The aircraft subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. initially planned to conduct a test flight by its redesigned jetliner last June, but problems with some parts delayed the test, the source said Friday. As the aircraft maker also expects to take more time to obtain safety certification from the transport ministry, Mitsubishi Heavy plans to announce the sixth postponement on Feb. 6 when it reports its latest earnings, the source said. The parent company holds a 64 percent stake in Mitsubishi Aircraft.

Uber is shutting down its on-demand delivery service in June


On June 30th, Uber will sunset its on-demand delivery service for laundry, groceries, flowers and just about anything under 30 pounds that's not an illegal item or, say, a cute pet. The ride-hailing service has notified its users in an email that it's shutting down UberRush, which has been doing deliveries for businesses in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago since 2015. Uber has confirmed the shutdown to TechCrunch, telling the publication that it's applying the lessons it learned from running the division to its UberEats food delivery business. Unlike UberRush, UberEats drummed up enough interest to expand to over 200 markets around the globe. In fact, restaurants used to be able to deliver food through Rush until the company scaled it back and decided to make Eats its official food delivery division in 2017.

U.S. grocer Kroger has begun making autonomous deliveries


Grocery store giant Kroger just announced that its autonomous vehicle delivery service is officially going driverless, thanks to a partnership with self-driving car startup Nuro. Earlier this year, the supermarket chain announced it will work with Nuro to launch a driverless delivery service in Scottsdale, Arizona. The program used a fleet of Toyota Priuses, equipped with sensors and AI equipment, and staffed by safety drivers. Now Nuro is confident enough to fulfill orders without the human driver. According to a blog post, the company has been working on perfecting the design of an "unmanned on-road vehicle" called the R1.