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Medium's Partner Program will start paying writers for subscriber referrals


Medium has announced changes to its Partner Program, offering writers extra incentives for referring new subscribers. At the same time, it's making it more difficult for contributors to join the Partner Program based on follower numbers and other criteria, the platform announced yesterday. When Medium launched its Partner Platform, it used a Netflix-like model that let subscribers access all content for $5 per month of $50 per year. Contributors would then get paid based on how much time members spent reading their content -- if a member spent 10 percent of their time on one writer's work, that writer would get 10 percent of the subscriber's payments. At the same time, if a reader converted to a paying member within 30 days of reading a writer's work, the writer would credit for that time.

Predicting Bitcoin's price with deep learning: 4 steps


I'm sure we've all considered it. In this article, we formulate a conceptual model via a Jupyter Notebook to predict bitcoin prices on a daily basis. We will then discuss future deployment options. Become a medium member and read everything the medium has to offer.

Build a Simple Neural Network Using PyTorch


In the previous post, we discussed how to make a simple neural network using NumPy. In this post, instead of writing every function ourselves, we will discuss how to make a simple neural network using in-built PyTorch functions. PyTorch is an open-source Python library for deep learning developed and maintained by the Facebook AI lab. PyTorch uses a Tensor (torch.Tensor) to store and operate rectangular arrays of numbers. Tensors are similar to NumPy array but they can be operated in GPU as well.

Machine learning model for predicting medium writer earnings


On October 22, 2019, Medium unveiled a new model for calculating writer's earnings. According to this new model, earnings will be calculated based on the reading time of Medium members. You may find out more about the new model from this article: Improving how we calculate writer earnings. The new model took effect as of October 28, 2019. In a previous article (Medium Partner Program's New Model for Calculating Writer's Earnings -- Linear Regression Analysis), I had written about a model for writer earnings under the new Partner Program model.

Walmart's vision of the future


Follow her on Medium and LinkedIn for more content. Please also follow Desa Analytics on Medium and become a member to be notified when new blogs are posted. Walmart is preparing to enter the metaverse. The company has filed a number of patents in recent months hinting at its plans to create its own cryptocurrency and a collection of NFTs.