First lady hopes successors will continue her garden

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Michelle Obama says she hopes future presidents will continue the project she calls "my baby," her vegetable garden on the White House South Lawn. She presided over the eighth and final planting on Tuesday and said the garden has exceeded expectations, sparking a national conversation about what people eat and stoking renewed interest in community gardening. Mrs. Obama is in her final months as first lady and it remains unknown which couple will succeed her and President Barack Obama.

Amazon Prime Air will now deliver things to people on a drone, almost straight away

The Independent - Tech

Amazon will now fly things to people's houses to deliver them. The company has completed the first ever Prime Air delivery, dropping an order off at someone's house just 13 minutes after they'd ordered it. For now, the drone deliveries are in a private – and largely mysterious – testing process. It is trying a range of different drones, it has said, flying them around different environments in the UK as part of its secretive tests. But eventually the company intends to roll out drone deliveries to everyone across the world.

World's first fully rotational skyscraper allows residents to control how much their apartments spin

The Independent - Tech

The world's first rotating skyscraper is set to be built in Dubai by 2020. The Dynamic Tower Hotel has been planned since 2008, having been proposed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher. It will stand at 1,375 feet tall, with each of its 80 storeys capable of rotating individually around a concrete core, offering 360-degree views of Dubai. Residents will be able to control rotation speeds and stop their apartment from spinning with voice commands. The skyscraper is expected to be completely self-powered, reportedly featuring as many as 79 horizontal-lying wind turbines between floors, as well as roof-mounted solar panels.

Have smartphone, will travel: How far can you get with just passport, wallet and phone?

The Independent - Tech

Sure, you know your mobile phone is essential, but exactly how much can you rely on it? A few days ago in Japan, Google threw down a gauntlet: how far can you get in a foreign country, where you can't be sure of finding an English speaker, where the words, even the alphabet, are unfamiliar, and where the address system is notoriously tricky? So there I was, in Tokyo, charged with solving a series of puzzles using a smartphone and nothing more. First, I had to get myself from bustling Tokyo (where English speakers are plentiful and, because they are Japanese, endlessly helpful) to the distant city of Kanazawa. I had a JR train pass, which is the best way to get around Japan for a foreigner and which offers fantastic value, though you must buy it before you arrive in the country.

Snapchat update brings group messages as it looks to take on chat apps like WhatsApp

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Snapchat has finally launched group conversations, letting the app take on competitors like WhatsApp. The company will finally let people talk to a group of friends – up to 16 of them – rather than starting individual conversations with a range of different people. The move is perhaps one of its biggest launches in recent years. The company has been gradually looking to become more of a centre for people to have conversations, something that was severely limited by its inability to have group conversations like competitors including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In its facilities, JAXA develop satellites and analyse their observation data, train astronauts for utilization in the Japanese Experiment Module'Kibo' of the International Space Station (ISS) and develop launch vehicles 32/39 The robot developed by Seed Solutions sings and dances to the music during the Japan Robot Week 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight.