Big Data Storage and Scaling Hadoop


In the 1990s, each application server tended to have direct attached storage (DAS). SANs were created to provide shared, pooled storage for greater scale and efficiency. Hadoop has reversed that trend back towards DAS. Each Hadoop cluster has its own -- albeit scale-out -- direct-attached storage. It helps to Hadoop manage data locality, but it trades off the scale and efficiency of shared storage.

Mortgage insurer integrates with Compass Analytics


Fintech provider Compass Analytics and Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Corporation (MGIC) have announced that MGIC's mortgage insurance quotes will be available through Compass PPE, Compass Analytics' product, pricing and eligibility engine. The integration will allow real-time mortgage insurance quotes at the point of sale, improving the borrower's experience, the companies said. "Our technology allows lenders to put accurate, granular pricing tools in the hands of loan originators so that they can help clients make well-informed decisions about one of the biggest investments of their lives," said Nancy Pollard, managing director of pricing technologies for Compass Analytics. "We are proud to partner with Compass Analytics to provide access to MGIC mortgage insurance rates," said Margaret Crowley, vice president of marketing and customer experience at MGIC. "Whether lenders choose to use MGIC's new MiQ rates or traditional rate-card rates, our integration with Compass Analytics will ensure quick, easy access."

What Is Big Data Analytics?


Many definitions on the topic of big data focus on a bottom-up view, using the 3 Vs of the data -- volume, variety & velocity. You may start with a general question, one your traditional descriptive analytics has revealed. Big data analytics lets you explore the deeper diagnostic questions -- some of which you may not have thought about asking -- to reveal a new level of insight and identify steps to take to improve business performance. Many organizations have spent years generating descriptive analytics -- answering what happened questions. This information is valuable, but only provides a high-level, rearview mirror view of the business performance.

The Trillium Acquisition: Syncsort's Bet That Data Quality And Integration Should Be Tightly Coupled

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On November 30th, Syncsort, a data integration vendor, announced plans to acquire Trillium, a data quality company, and I had a chance to talk to Josh Rogers about the state of the data and analytics stack. In explaining the rationale for tightly integrating data integration and data quality in the same product, Rogers and I also dug into the layers of the stack in a way that I found illuminating. I suspect this discussion will be helpful to the many people who are adapting existing stacks or constructing new ones. I started the conversation by asking Rogers why bother buying a company like Trillium, with which Syncsort already had a strong partner relationship. Data Prep: The work involved in assembling data from many sources and transforming it into what is needed for a particular task.

Compass Analytics and MGIC Announce Technology Integration Partnership


Compass Analytics, an industry-leading financial technology provider, and Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC), the nation's first private mortgage insurer, jointly announced today the availability of MGIC's mortgage insurance quotes through Compass Analytics' product, pricing, and eligibility engine, CompassPPE . Through this technology integration in CompassPPE, loan originators can select MI products and order MGIC rate quotes without leaving the platform. This automation brings real time mortgage insurance quotes to the point-of-sale, improving the borrower's experience by optimizing pricing speed and accuracy. This partnership with MGIC is another step forward in Compass Analytics' vision to provide seamless end-to-end mortgage pricing from point-of-sale through origination to capital markets. "Our technology allows lenders to put accurate, granular pricing tools in the hands of loan originators so that they can help clients make well-informed decisions about one of the biggest investments of their lives. Our vision for pricing technology is to deploy the most advanced tools for bringing mortgage pricing quickly and accurately to the consumer," said Nancy Pollard, Compass Analytics' Managing Director of Pricing Technologies.