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What you need to succeed in data security? If 2016 shapes up anything like the last quarter of 2015, data security in the IOT will continue to be a hot topic for all of us working to protect our work in the Cloud. In my last article, I discussed several trends that we are monitoring at SoftNet Search's IOT practice area. This time, I will weigh in on the kinds of people who will fulfill the needs of companies who are staying ahead of data security trends. According to all the people that matter, IT will continue to hire data security and other pros in 2016.

Best Identity Governance and Administration Tools for 2021 - Rivalime


Identity Governance and Administration tools help businesses manage the Identity and access life- cycles throughout multiple business networks. These software products help automate account provisioning, complete access requests, manage passwords, and govern user certification and access processes. Businesses strive to maintain full control over digital identities connected to accounts spread across the business network. Plus, they need solutions that boost productivity with ease of use, business agility, mobility, and low total cost of ownership. The Identity Governance and Administration tools provided by SailPoint enhance how business enterprises secure their corporate infrastructure, applications, and data using an on-premise platform or a single cloud.

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RT @ProfPadfield: "Rand Paul outlines the history of socialism, from Stalin's gulags to the current famine in Venezuela.... Socialism's return is only possible because many Americans have forgotten the true dangers of the twentieth-century's deadliest ideology."

SoftBank to tighten governance standards for firms it invests in: report

The Japan Times

NEW YORK – Following related issues at WeWork, SoftBank Group Corp. will introduce new standards to tighten corporate governance at companies in which it invests, the Financial Times reported Monday. SoftBank is expected to outline the new standards Wednesday, the British newspaper said, citing people briefed on the plan. The tougher governance standards will apply to future investments made by SoftBank. Meanwhile, its Saudi Arabia-backed Vision Fund is in discussions about how it can adopt some or all of these measures, according to the paper. For private companies, SoftBank will look to have at least one board seat, require at least one independent director and prohibit directors from owning "supervoting" shares, the report said.

What Is AI Model Governance? - KDnuggets


The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the carefully developed AI models many organizations had in place. With so many different variables shifting at the same time, what we've seen in many companies is that their models became unreliable or useless. Having good documentation showing the lifecycle of a model is important, but that still doesn't provide enough information to go on once a model becomes unreliable. What's needed is improved AI model governance, which can help bring greater accountability and traceability for AI/ML models by having practitioners address questions such as: Has any unauthorized person gained access to it? How exactly does AI model governance help tackle these issues?