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2022's top online electrical engineering master's degrees


Online master's in electrical engineering programs prepare graduates for lucrative roles as electrical and electronic engineers. Many are designed for working professionals looking to advance their careers while earning full-time. Electrical engineering jobs focus on manufacturing and installing electrical power equipment, while electronics engineers design and develop electronic equipment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual salary for electrical engineers of $100,830 and $107,540 for electronics engineers. These professionals can specialize in aerospace, bioengineering, computer hardware, and more.

Best online computer engineering degrees 2022: Top picks


A computer engineering degree incorporates engineering principles and computer technology while building analytical, communication, and critical-thinking skills. By exploring computer software and hardware design and function, students develop the ability to create, test, and update operating components and systems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, architecture and engineering occupations are projected to add nearly 150,000 new jobs by 2030, while computer and information technology occupations are projected to grow by more than 660,000 new jobs. With knowledge and skills in both fields, computer engineering graduates are well-positioned to enter the workforce. We've ranked the top computer engineering bachelor's degrees for 2022.

Best online graduate certificate in software engineering 2021: Top picks


The field applies engineering principles to the software design and development process. Software engineers work closely with programmers, quality assurance testers, and software developers to create new software programs and improve existing software. A graduate certificate in software engineering prepares professionals for careers in this exciting field. Our list ranks the top graduate certificate programs in software engineering that offer an online learning format. Many students prefer online programs for their flexibility and convenience.

Good minors for computer science students


You've declared a computer science major. A minor adds an interdisciplinary perspective to your degree. Good minors for computer science students can be in STEM, business, the humanities, or the social sciences. Your minor might even help you land a job after graduation. Computer science majors generally have a tough course load.

Best online master's in data analytics 2022: Top picks


Some students had strength in computer science, pure math, applied math, physics, etc., but also students who previously studied in unrelated disciplines are now making a pivot. ZDNet: What was the most challenging, rigorous course you took in your data science degree program? What advice would you give to students who are about to start this course? TR: My first exposure to machine learning, other than toying with the knobs in scikit-learn, was from a theoretical perspective. I took a couple courses that were mostly pencil paper proofs, reading academic papers focused on theory, and math jargon like Hessian matrices, Lagrange multipliers, and duality.