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These trends will spur organisations into action in 2017: Forrester - Squirro


"Empowered customers are forcing the hand of virtually every industry, and business leaders must respond to these changes head-on," says Dane Anderson of Forrester. Your email address will not be published.

These are the startups transforming enterprise. – SwiftScale – Medium


For the Winter '17 cohort in collaboration with Macquarie Group, over 800 companies were vetted and 10 were accepted. The selected scaleups cover a range of technology verticals applicable to all enterprise. Collectively, the scaleups have raised £40m to date, have between 10 and 40 employees each and have an incredible breadth of enterprise clients -- ranging from Airbnb to Aston Martin to Barclays to Compass Group to L'Oreal to Wells Fargo. Collecting leads at events is a broken process. We're here to fix it.

Artificial Intelligence to power the next wave of enterprise apps - Squirro


What is behind the rise in enterprise apps and why has the apps market suddenly been alerted to the analytic power and automation of processes that AI offers?

Squirro research reveals banks believe artificial intelligence can have a significant and positive impact on their business


But 83% are unaware of how to deploy artificial intelligence & machine learning to address specific business problems, so much benefit is still to be realised Zurich, London, 18 April 2018 – The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in financial services (FS) is on the rise, with 83% of banks having evaluated AI & ML solutions, and 67% having actively deployed them, according to a new study out today. The research with 200 global tier one and tier two banks was conducted by capital market research firm TABB Group on behalf of augmented intelligence solutions provider Squirro, and revealed that AI is the most important'disrupter' for banks today. The study – 'Enhanced Bankers – The Impact of AI'- also highlighted a lack of understanding around AI & ML as specifically applied to improving business processes, with 83% of respondents still unaware of how to apply the technology to solve business problems. Using AI and machine learning to source new leads and opportunities is key to bankers, with 87% of respondents saying that it would be highly impactful if an AI engine could spot relevant events that led to engaging with a client and closing a deal. Bankers recognize that AI driven insights will have a tremendous impact when it comes to anticipate market events to stay ahead of the competition.