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Basic Income Among Young California Mayor's Bold Ideas

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Stockton's basic income program is set to launch next year and would be the nation's first program of its kind. Tubbs has also launched a program to guarantee $1,000 a year in college scholarships to public high school graduates. And he's partnering with a program that provides rehabilitation and cash stipends to deter men from engaging in gun crimes.

Why Andrew Yang Is Putting It All on Universal Basic Income NowThis


In US news, Andrew Yang, 2020 presidential candidate, sat down for the 20 Questions for 2020 NowThis series. In this latest Now This 20 Questions for 2020 Andrew Yang interview, Yang explains how universal basic income could help all Americans. For Andrew Yang, universal basic income is the most important issue to his campaign. If we get a President Andrew Yang, basic income could come as early as 2021 nationwide. Making an 2020 election prediction now would be tough as there are so many 2020 election candidates.

Michael Tubbs lost his bid to return as Stockton mayor. Some say he's still a rising star

Los Angeles Times

When Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs conceded defeat Tuesday in a bid for a second term in this troubled San Joaquin Valley city, it was a painful moment he had not expected. "As someone who is used to winning, it's always difficult when things don't work out in your favor," Tubbs said Wednesday from Los Angeles, where he was in town for meetings. "I put my heart and soul into my job, so I took it very personally." Tubbs lost to Republican challenger Kevin Lincoln, a military veteran who served on Marine One, the presidential helicopter, during George W. Bush's administration, but who has never held political office. Lincoln won with 56% of the vote, about 12,000 more ballots in his favor than Tubbs.

Ex-Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang joins liberal CNN as pundit

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Andrew Yang makes announcement dropping out of the 2020 presidential race. Maybe the Yang Gang will help CNN's ratings? Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has joined liberal CNN as a political commentator, the network announced Wednesday. "I'm excited to join @CNN to help shed light on the election and the candidates' experiences. Learned a lot these past months and am glad to contribute to the public discussion," he tweeted.

Andrew Yang Talks Universal Basic Income, Climate Change, With Undecided Voters Off Script NPR


Entrepreneur Andrew Yang answers questions from two undecided Democratic voters. Watch all the full interviews here: INTRO 2:05 - Yang sings Prince 2:34 - Yang discusses riding his bike in New York City UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME - 3:42 4:22 - What is universal basic income and the freedom dividend? CLIMATE CHANGE - 37:01 39:04 - "[Climate change] is already changing lives and destroying lives." OUTRO 51:32 - Yang's views on impeachment 52:08 - Yang on Asian-American identity 53:56 - "Are you running for president to win?" 55:44 - "Why you're so averse to a wealth tax?" 57:21 - "If you don't become president, how are you going to continue to work on these ideas?" ABOUT NPR NPR connects to audiences on the air, on demand, online, and in person.