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15 great Reddit mysteries for the site's 15th birthday


The site where some of the most devoted, obsessed internet denizens hang out was created on June 23, 2005. While there are plenty of controversies on the site, it's also good for lots of things: surfacing news, learning weird facts, even soliciting advice. To celebrate Reddit's big day, we rounded 15 of our favorite mysteries surrounding the site. Some of which are solved, some of which aren't, many of which are kind of disturbing. And, as with anything on the internet, they might've been elaborate hoaxes.

A GOP Staffer Crowdsourced a Resolution From a Conspiracy Subreddit


This past Wednesday, a group of Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee presented an amendment calling for an investigation into alleged misconduct on the parts of Hillary Clinton and James Comey. It was a way to frustrate Democrats, but, more than that, it provided an opportunity to publicly discuss their very favorite thing: the many bygone misdeeds of Crooked Hillary. The amendment may sound to some readers like it's been ripped out of a conspiracy forum, because that's exactly what happened. Sponsored by first-term Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), the amendment itself sought to hijack what began as a resolution from Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington) asking for information about Comey's firing. In response to Jayapal's proposal, Gaetz and a few fellow Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee effectively replaced the Democrats' resolution with one of their own.

Guy claims to finds old Russian missile in a server room, and the internet freaks


A photo of an old Russian missile in a server room just caused a massive Reddit freak out. Redditor WhySoSadCZ posted a photo of "some kind of explosive lying on the floor" on Monday in the subreddit r/WhatisThisThing. They claimed that they were working on the air conditioning for a small office building in the Czech Republic when they found a whole missile in the office's server room. They claimed that the server room was untouched for two months, and that they had to break in to fix the AC. "Farewell present from a former employee maybe?" they wondered in the comments.

People figure how to make Siri swear asking her to define 'mother'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

When it comes to any kind of Artificial Intelligence device, swear words are usually off the menu. But one Reddit user has revealed a way to get Apple's Siri to say the F word. Taking to the r/Apple subreddit, user thatwasabaddecision wrote: 'Ask Siri to define the word "mother". When she asks you: "Do you wanna hear the next one?" F bomb: A Reddit user has taken to the r/Apple subreddit to reveal a way to get Apple's Siri to say the F word Mother's the word: Using the Oxford English dictionary, which offers several interpretations of the word'mother', Siri also includes the'vulger slang' word'motherf*cker' Redditor Hahahahahaimsofunny was the first to respond with the answer, and wrote: 'Motherf**ker!' Apple appears to have programmed Siri using the Oxford English dictionary, which offers several interpretations of the word'mother'.

'Pokémon GO' Avatar Update Allows Trainers To Walk Barefoot, Catch Pokémon Sans Backpack

International Business Times

On Wednesday, the Pokémon GO team announced on their blog the arrival of Gen 2 Pokémon and new features to Niantic Labs' iOS and Android mobile gaming app. They mentioned in the blog post that with the new update, players will have new avatars and more wardrobe options. What they did not mention then was the option to let Trainers roam the augmented reality map without any footwear. Thanks to Reddit user ShotgunMavericks01, we learned today that the latest "Pokémon GO" update brings the option to wear or not to wear a specific apparel while looking for and trying to catch Pokémon. In a thread the Redditor started, he posted some screenshots of the new avatar customization options.