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Six killed on train after wind apparently blows load off opposite-bound freight on Danish bridge

The Japan Times

KNUDSHOVED, DENMARK - Six people were killed Wednesday after debris apparently from a cargo train smashed into a passenger train in high winds on a bridge connecting two islands in Denmark, the rail operator and officials said. The passenger train appeared to have struck an empty truck trailer that had blown off a cargo train travelling in the opposite direction, as strong winds lashed the region. The passenger train braked suddenly, survivors said. "An empty truck trailer on a carriage seems to have fallen off. It either hit the train, or the train hit it," accident investigator Bo Haaning told Danish public broadcaster DR.

Ford unveils new SUV

FOX News

Ford has introduced its first all-new full-size SUV in 15 years. The fully re-engineered Expedition is based on the current F-150 pickup, sharing its steel frame and weight-saving aluminum body construction, but featuring a unique, sleeker style. It'll come standard with a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, along with the Expedition's signature independent rear suspension. A wheelbase stretched four inches compared to the outgoing model increases interior space, offering more legroom for up to eight passengers, while an even longer Expedition Max model adds a larger cargo area with enough room to fit an 8x4-foot sheet of plywood inside the truck when the second and third rows of seats are folded flat. A configurable cargo management system includes a panel that lets you create a double-decker load space, or put up a wall to prevent items from rolling out of the back when you open the tailgate, which still has a window that can be opened independently.

2020 GMC Sierra HD pickup revealed with X-ray vision

FOX News

The 2020 GMC Sierra HD lineup won't be the most powerful in the heavy-duty pickup class when it goes on sale later this year, but it will offer a different way to make it seem like whatever you're towing has disappeared. The 2500 and 3500 trucks will be available with a 360-degree camera system that can virtually "see" through a trailer. It works with a wired accessory camera that's mounted to the back of the trailer and sends a feed to the display on the dashboard where it's stitched together with another view from the tailgate to create what appears to be a transparent outline on the screen. It's one of 15 possible views the system provides, including one from another camera inside the trailer that lets you keep an eye on cargo and live animals of all species. The all-new trucks feature bigger, strong frames and cabs ported over from the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500.

Uber's driverless truck makes its first delivery in Colorado

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A self-driving truck has made its first commercial delivery run in the US, carrying a vital cargo to a depot in the Rockies: thousands of cases of beer. The automated semi took to the open road as part of a partnership between the brewers of Budweiser and ride-hailing firm Uber. It made the 120-mile (190 km) journey from Fort Collins to a depot in Colorado Springs, without a driver behind the wheel - a first for commercial cargo delivery and driverless technology. Otto is aiming to equip trucks with software, sensors, lasers and cameras so they eventually will be able to navigate the more than 220,000 miles of US highways on their own, while a human driver naps in the back of the cab or handles other tasks. For now, the robot truckers would only take control on the highways, leaving humans to handle the tougher task of wending through city streets.

Richard Branson reveals his vision of a 760mph Hyperloop freight train

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Hyperloop technology that will transport people on'levitating pods' at 760mph (1,223km/h) could transform the way we travel. But it's not just passengers that will feel the benefits. Architect Foster and Partners has designed concept pods that can move cargo at these incredible speeds at the same cost as existing systems and with less pollution. The London-based firm has teamed up with Richard Branson's Virgin Hyperloop One, one of the two consortiums developing the technology. Alongside ports operator DP World, they plan to develop the first intercontinental Hyperloop cargo route through Asia, the Middle East and Europe.