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North Carolina Hospital System to Join With Georgia System

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Atrium is working to combine with Chapel Hill-based UNC Health Care. That plan announced last summer will create one of the largest hospital systems in the country, with 90,000 employees. The combination would operate 60 hospitals in the Carolinas.

Virginia Hospital: Medical Information Improperly Accessed

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Officials for the health system say that an investigation revealed that between Jan. 3 and Jan. 10, employees of some community physician groups and an employee of a contracted vendor accessed electronic records that included patient names, addresses, health insurance providers and other sensitive medical information. The information wasn't disseminated or inappropriately used, officials say, however the employees responsible have been fired. VCU officials say the health system has implemented new safeguards to protect patient information.

North Mississippi Health Services Buys Hospital in Amory

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Gilmore was founded in 1916. It was a private, not-for-profit, locally owned hospital until 2005, when directors sold it to Florida-based Health Management Associates. The 95-bed hospital then became part of Community Health Systems under a 2014 merger with Health Management Associates. Curae Health purchased Gilmore and the Batesville hospital from Community Health Systems in May 2017 and returned the hospital to nonprofit status. It purchased the Clarksdale hospital in November 2017.

to Hospital Introduction Information Systems


This course is designed to provide a short introduction on Hospital Information Systems (HIS). Here you will learn about the different solutions that play an important role in digitizing the healthcare industry. Examples on how HIS is applied in a developing country are also given. After this course, you will have a deeper appreciation of how important HIS is and how you can take advantage of its many versatile functions and applications, whether as a student of Healthcare Informatics or as a Healthcare Professional in your chosen field.Who this course is for: The phrase, 'hospital information system', is frequently used in discussions about the flow of information throughout a hospital with the assumption that everybody has the same concept in mind. Closer examination shows that this is not necessarily the case.

Conservatives are targeting the wrong things to bring down health care costs, says hospital system CEO

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JUDY WOODRUFF: As we have heard, a number of patient groups and major players in the health care industry have opposed the Senate bill. Every major hospital group has criticized it. They say they are especially worried about deep reductions in Medicaid spending for the poor and those with disabilities, changes that include new limits like spending caps or block grants that would eventually cut the number of people on Medicaid. Hospitals say they will end up paying the difference by treating the uninsured. While I was in Colorado for the Aspen Spotlight Health Festival last week, I spoke with Kenneth Davis.