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The Role of AI And ML In Enhancing The Ability Of Multiplying Wealth - Liwaiwai


Landing a good job is generally considered the purpose of education today. But not everyone subscribes to that. "Your economic security does not lie in your job; it lies in your own power to produce--to think, to learn, to create, to adapt. It's not having wealth; it's having the power to produce wealth." As today's foreign exchange or "forex" market shows, this is indeed true.

How is AI revolutionizing FX market in a way we didn't even realize


The foreign exchange or forex market is the biggest financial market in the world. It is even bigger than the stock market. Moreover, the forex market continues to grow, and one major reason for this is the use of the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that AI is revolutionizing forex trading. According to the 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX and OTC Derivatives Markets, the forex market has a daily volume of $6.6 trillion. When so much money is at stake, it is natural for market participants to demand and develop tools that help to reduce their risk and increase their accuracy.

Learn how to trade on Wall Street and crypto markets for $30


The only people who could actively trade in the stock market, before the internet, were individuals who worked for large financial institutions, trading houses and brokerages. Alongside day trading, the practice of purchasing and selling securities within a single day in any marketplace, people with an internet connection and ambition have the opportunity to dive into the newer world of cryptocurrency trading. Right now, you can save hundreds on The Complete Wall Street and Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp, featuring 10 in-depth courses and 19 hours of expert-led video training that teaches you the fundamentals of day trading, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange (forex), technical analysis and more.

Machine Learning in Forex Trading


With so many advances in technology and analysis tools, it's getting hard for traders to keep up. One of the highly discussed topics is machine learning. If you want to know where these two fields intersect, let's first clarify what each of the terms means. Foreign exchange, or Forex, is the process of converting one currency into another. The value of every specific currency is determined by market factors such as trade, investment, tourism, and geopolitical risk.

How Much Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Forex Trade


The use of Artificial Intelligence is limitless. It has already impacted almost any segment of our lives. It helps us get feedback from brands in real-time; it minimizes the risk of human error and automates most of our daily activities; it improves the photos we take on our smartphones; it assesses our creditworthiness, and so forth. One of the markets that benefit from artificial intelligence and Machine Learning most is forex trading. Namely, forex is the ever-growing industry that is worth $1.93 quadrillion.