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Missouri Students May Soon Get Option of Free Online Courses

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Students could sidestep traditional schools completely, though a report last year raised concerns about the performance of full-time virtual students. The report by the National Education Policy Center found that only about 37 percent of full-time virtual schools in the U.S. received acceptable performance ratings, and the average graduation rate was 43 percent.

A Quick Way To Cut the Drop Out Rate in Online Training Courses


This issue keeps plenty of online teachers up at night. It's an ongoing challenge to keep learners interested, on track, and motivated to complete their courses. And there are many strategic ways to do that. Each of these approaches can certainly make a difference. Many can actively reduce the drop out rate in your online training courses – over the long term.

Math Learning Software MATHia by Carnegie Learning


LiveLab, our live facilitation tool, was named "Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education" in the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. It provides in-the-moment, actionable data, such as when students are working or idle, so you can effectively manage students working in MATHia at all times. LiveLab alerts you when students may be in need of additional support, and lets you know when students have reached progression milestones.

How Artificial Intelligence Brings About Changes In Education


Artificial Intelligence or AI was seen to change the field of education in the near future. Bots may be used to do tasks that usually require large workforce. Artificial intelligence can check millions of standardized tests and make learning materials in just a short time. IT can assist human instructors in online courses. Education experts supporting AI sees the following changes in the field of education, according to Venture Beat.