Rauner Signs Election Commission-County Clerk Legislation

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With Rauner's signing of House Bill 5123 on Monday, consolidation can move forward. The bill also allows similar action in Kankakee County. That is the only other county where a separate county election commission presently exists.

How Scared Should We Be of Trump's Voter Fraud Commission?


It would still be elevating the ideas and making them a central focus of public discourse, and it would put the weight of the president behind them, which is especially pernicious. And I do think that there is a risk that is greater than you are stating of congressional legislation. Kris Kobach has suggested this, and the secret memo that was photographed during his transition meeting with Trump was recommending revisions to the National Voter Registration Act, which is federal law. So I don't think that federal legislation is out of the question. I think there is a high likelihood that Democrats would filibuster it.

Legislation Would Alter Idaho's Redistricting Commission

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Currently, districts for Congress and the state Legislature are drawn every 10 years by the six-member commission answerable only to the courts. The majority and minority party leaders in each legislative chamber each select one person to serve on the commission; the state chairs of the Republican and Democratic parties also each select a commissioner. Commissioners cannot be government officials or lobbyists.

AI skewed to young, male, and western EU, report warns


"AI will fundamentally change the way we live and work. Therefore, we need to get it right and develop this technology in a way, which ensures the trust and security of our citizens while benefitting our economy," a commission spokesperson told EUobserver. In the EU, the largest and most well-established companies are likely to become first adopters of AI technologies, such as automotive companies in Germany or finance firms in the UK. However, the LinkedIn findings suggest that the current market ecosystem for AI in Europe is uneven across both gender and demographic lines. The EU Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen has promised that during the first three months in office, the college of commissioners will put forward legislation for a "coordinated approach on the human and ethical implication of AI".