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Microsoft Updates its Deep Learning Toolkit


This post is by Chris Basoglu, Partner Engineering Manager in the AI & Research group at Microsoft. We are delighted to announce that Microsoft has brought Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit version 2.0 out of beta and is making the first release candidate available today. The toolkit, previously known as CNTK, is a system for deep learning used to speed advances in areas such as speech and image recognition and search relevance on CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. Cognitive Toolkit can be used on-premises or in the cloud with Azure GPUs. Cognitive Toolkit is being used extensively by a wide variety of Microsoft products, by companies worldwide with a need to deploy deep learning at scale, and by students interested in the very latest algorithms and techniques.

Top 10 Libraries In C/C++ For Machine Learning


Machine learning is all about computations, and libraries help machine learning researchers and developers to perform the computational tasks without repeating the complex lines of codes. It helps coders to run algorithms quickly. There are a plethora of libraries present in the field of machine learning and deep learning which makes it more accessible for the researchers to work with complex projects. In this article, we list down the top 10 libraries in C and C for machine learning. About: TensorFlow is a popular open-source software library for machine learning.