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SummitSync Partners with Conversica to Boost Marketing ROI with Event AI Assistant


The new partnership will help marketing and sales teams maximize the ROI on their event marketing spend. With SummitSync's conference and trade show intelligence paired with automated lead engagement through Conversica's AI Assistants, brands will be able to drive higher quality sales meetings and convert more prospects to customers like never before. For event marketers, the joint solution automates many of the time-consuming tasks associated with event execution such as pre-booking meetings at events, coordinating on-site demos with salespeople and capturing follow-up requests for information. It frees event marketers to focus on delivering an outstanding end-to-end experience. "Conversica is an ideal partner for us because we serve a similar customer base and our combined technologies complement each other and increase the value we deliver," said Al Torres, president and co-founder at SummitSync.

How Conversational AI Provides Marketing and Sales a Competitive Edge


Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica is an accomplished and award-winning Internet business veteran with a strong track record of driving results and growth. Conversica, an award-winning SaaS software company, was recently named 2017 Best in Biz Enterprise Product of the Year in the sales software category. This award recognizes how Conversica's AI-powered sales assistant is revolutionizing how businesses connect with their prospects and customers at scale.

AI chatbot apps to infiltrate businesses sooner than you think


Say you're interested in automation software for some customer service tasks. You visit a vendor's website, provide your contact information to request a live software demo and a sales assistant emails you to make sure you have the information you need. If you don't respond to that email, the sales assistant sends another the next day and the next -- this last one with an apology for bugging you and a smiley face. You feel a bit bad and finally answer this personable, persistent sales assistant, who, as it turns out, isn't a person at all. That scenario is already happening with virtual assistant platforms such as Conversica, and while it isn't pervasive just yet, within the next five years, there's a high probability that the "person" emailing you about a product or service you've shown interest in will be an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot thanks to leaps forward in technologies that understand customer intent and that can generate dialog to simulate natural conversations.

Conversica Delivers Major Upgrades to AI-powered Business Conversations - insideBIGDATA


Conversica, Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence-powered business conversations, announced significant enhancements to its flagship product, the Conversica AI Sales Assistant. Conversica leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to take on routine business conversations like contacting and qualifying sales leads, freeing up human salespeople to close more deals. The upgrades to the Conversica platform were made with customer requests in mind and encompass an enhanced Natural Language Processing engine for improved conversational accuracy and maximum scalability, new time recognition intelligence and automated FAQ response capabilities, and a completely redesigned and streamlined user experience. These enhancements follow the company's previous announcement of its latest AI assistant, powering the service departments of automotive dealerships. There is no doubt that Conversica is making a big difference in how our company converts prospects into closed sales," commented Kathryn Morrill, Inside Sales & Marketing Manager at Coolfront Technologies.

Conversica raises $34m to scale its conversational AI ZDNet


Conversational artificial intelligence company Conversica has raised $34 million in an oversubscribed Series B round led by Providence Strategic Growth Capital Partners. Toba Capital, Wellington Financial LP, and Recruit Strategic Partners contributed to the round, as did Series A investor Kennet Partners and Conversica founder Ben Brigham. The funding will be used to boost the company's sales and marketing activities and for expansion into international markets. It will also support ongoing product development efforts including the launch of new AI assistants and multilingual support. Our planes are now'big flying mobile devices' and top hacking targets Consumers check smartphones more than 9 billion times a day and enable new businesses PwC sends'cease and desist' letters to researchers who found critical flaw China targets aviation industry to spy and steal secrets Our planes are now'big flying mobile devices' and top hacking targets PwC sends'cease and desist' letters to researchers who found critical flaw Conversica's flagship product, the AI Sales Assistant, automatically engages with prospective customers using natural, two-way email conversations until the lead converts into an opportunity or chooses to opt out.